Austin NEMA 12 Enclosure

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Austin NEMA 12 Enclosure

Austin NEMA 12 Enclosures Austin NEMA 12 Enclosure

Austin NEMA 12 Enclosures


Austin NEMA 12 enclosures house electrical and pneumatic controls, instruments, and components. These enclosures provide protection from corrosion, windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water. Kele is the leading supplier of building automation products.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
AB12246N NEMA 12 16X24X6 ENCLINFO1,018.00570.08
AB12248N NEMA 12 12X24X8 ENCLINFO1,074.00601.44
AB161210N NEMA 12 16X12X10 ENCLINFO1,006.00563.36
AB16126N NEMA 12 16X12X6 ENCLINFO905.00506.80
AB16128N NEMA 12 16X12X8 ENCLINFO949.00531.44
AB16166N NEMA 12 16X16X6 ENCLINFO974.00545.44
AB16168N NEMA 12 16X16X8 ENCLINFO1,022.00572.32
AB16206N NEMA 12 16X20X6 ENCLINFO1,043.00584.08
AB16208N NEMA 12 16X20X8 ENCLINFO1,098.00614.88
AB20126N NEMA 12 20X12X6 ENCLINFO957.00535.92
AB20128N NEMA 12 20X12X8 ENCLINFO1,011.00566.16
AB201610N NEMA 12 20X16X10 ENCLINFO1,159.00649.04
AB201612N NEMA 12 20X16X12 ENCLINFO1,213.00679.28
AB20166N NEMA 12 20X16X6 ENCLINFO1,043.00584.08
AB20168N NEMA 12 20X16X8 ENCLINFO1,098.00614.88
AB202010N NEMA 12 20X20X10 ENCLINFO1,255.00702.80
AB20206N NEMA 12 20X20X6 ENCLINFO1,123.00628.88
AB20208N NEMA 12 20X20X8 ENCLINFO1,189.00665.84
AB20246N NEMA 12 20X24X6 ENCLINFO1,208.00676.48
AB20248N NEMA 12 20X24X8 ENCLINFO1,277.00715.12
AB241210N NEMA 12 24X12X10 ENCLINFO1,134.00635.04
AB24126N NEMA 12 24X12X6 ENCLINFO1,018.00570.08
AB24128N NEMA 12 24X12X8 ENCLINFO1,074.00601.44
AB24166N NEMA 12 24X16X6 ENCLINFO1,113.00623.28
AB24168N NEMA 12 24X16X8 ENCLINFO1,177.00659.12
AB242010N NEMA 12 24X20X10 ENCLINFO1,347.00754.32
AB242012N NEMA 12 24X20X12 ENCLINFO1,417.00793.52
AB242016N NEMA 12 24X20X16 ENCLINFO1,559.00873.04
AB24206N NEMA 12 24X20X6 ENCLINFO1,208.00676.48
AB24208N NEMA 12 24X20X8 ENCLINFO1,277.00715.12
AB242410N NEMA 12 24X24X10 ENCLINFO1,454.00814.24
AB242412N NEMA 12 24X24X12 ENCLINFO1,533.00858.48
AB242416N NEMA 12 24X24X16 ENCLINFO1,685.00943.60
AB24246N NEMA 12 24X24X6 ENCLINFO1,303.00729.68
AB24248N NEMA 12 24X24X8 ENCLINFO1,392.00779.52
AB24308N NEMA 12 24X30X8 ENCLINFO1,534.00859.04
AB30166N NEMA 12 30X16X6 ENCLINFO1,218.00682.08
AB302010N NEMA 12 30X20X10 ENCLINFO1,490.00834.40
AB30206N NEMA 12 30X20X6 ENCLINFO1,331.00745.36
AB30208N NEMA 12 30X20X8 ENCLINFO1,412.00790.72
AB302410N NEMA 12 30X24X10 ENCLINFO1,617.00905.52
AB302412N NEMA 12 30X24X12 ENCLINFO1,704.00954.24
AB302416N NEMA 12 30X24X16 ENCLINFO1,889.001,057.84
AB302420N NEMA 12 30X24X20 ENCLINFO2,048.001,146.88
AB30246N NEMA 12 30X24X6 ENCLINFO1,460.00817.60
AB30248N NEMA 12 30X24X8 ENCLINFO1,534.00859.04
AB303012N NEMA 12 30X30X12 ENCLINFO1,905.001,066.80
AB30308N NEMA 12 30X30X8 ENCLINFO1,716.00960.96
AB30368N NEMA 12 30X36X8 ENCLINFO1,895.001,061.20
AB362410N NEMA 12 36X24X10 ENCLINFO1,780.00996.80
AB362412N NEMA 12 36X24X12 ENCLINFO1,875.001,050.00
AB36246N NEMA 12 36X24X6 ENCLINFO1,595.00893.20
AB36248N NEMA 12 36X24X8 ENCLINFO1,684.00943.04
AB363010N NEMA 12 36X30X10 ENCLINFO1,998.001,118.88
AB363012N NEMA 12 36X30X12 ENCLINFO2,101.001,176.56
AB363016N NEMA 12 36X30X16 ENCLINFO2,334.001,307.04
AB363020N NEMA 12 36X30X20 ENCLINFO2,528.001,415.68
AB36306N NEMA 12 36X30X6 ENCLINFO1,790.001,002.40
AB36308N NEMA 12 36X30X8 ENCLINFO1,895.001,061.20
AB363612N NEMA 12 36X36X12 ENCLINFO2,345.001,313.20
AB36368N NEMA 12 36X36X8 ENCLINFO2,105.001,178.80
AB42248N NEMA 12 42X24X8 ENCLINFO1,837.001,028.72
AB423010N NEMA 12 42X30X10 ENCLINFO2,190.001,226.40
AB423012N NEMA 12 42X30X12 ENCLINFO2,316.001,296.96
AB42308N NEMA 12 42X30X8 ENCLINFO2,078.001,163.68
AB423610N NEMA 12 42X36X10 ENCLINFO2,435.001,363.60
AB423612N NEMA 12 42X36X12 ENCLINFO2,560.001,433.60
AB423616N NEMA 12 42X36X16 ENCLINFO2,807.001,571.92
AB42368N NEMA 12 42X36X8 ENCLINFO2,316.001,296.96
AB48248N NEMA 12 48X24X8 ENCLINFO1,992.001,115.52
AB483010N NEMA 12 48X30X10 ENCLINFO2,379.001,332.24
AB48308N NEMA 12 48X30X8 ENCLINFO2,259.001,265.04
AB483610N NEMA 12 48X36X10 ENCLINFO2,655.001,486.80
AB483612N NEMA 12 48X36X12 ENCLINFO2,788.001,561.28
AB483616N NEMA 12 48X36X16 ENCLINFO3,059.001,713.04
AB483620N NEMA 12 48X36X20 ENCLINFO3,327.001,863.12
AB48368N NEMA 12 48X36X8 ENCLINFO2,535.001,419.60
AB603610N NEMA 12 60X36X10 ENCLINFO3,109.001,741.04
AB603612N NEMA 12 60X36X12 ENCLINFO3,247.001,818.32
AB603616N NEMA 12 60X36X6 ENCLINFO3,553.001,989.68
AB603620N NEMA 12 60X36X20 ENCLINFO3,862.002,162.72
AB60368N NEMA 12 60X36X8 ENCLINFO2,947.001,650.32
AB722418N NEMA 12 72X24X18 ENCLINFO3,741.002,094.96
AB722424N NEMA 12 72X24X24 ENCLINFO3,962.002,218.72
AB723012N NEMA 12 72X30X12 ENCLINFO3,666.002,052.96
AB723016N NEMA 12 72X30X16 ENCLINFO3,630.002,032.80
AB723020N NEMA 12 72X30X20 ENCLINFO3,959.002,217.04
AB723024N NEMA 12 72X30X24 ENCLINFO4,273.002,392.88


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