Austin NEMA 1 Enclosures

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Austin NEMA 1 Enclosures

Austin NEMA 1 Box Austin NEMA 1 Enclosures

Austin NEMA 1 Box


The Austin NEMA 1 Boxes serve as surface-mounted junction boxes or switch boxes. With the addition of a field-installed subpanel, they can also house controls and instruments in areas that do not require oil-tight and dust-tight ratings.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
AB10104SM NEMA 1 10X10X4 ENCLINFO186.00104.16
AB10106SM NEMA 1 10X10X6 ENCLINFO213.00119.28
AB1084SM NEMA 1 10X8X4 ENCLINFO170.0095.20
AB1086SM NEMA 1 10X8X6 ENCLINFO194.00108.64
AB12104SM NEMA 1 12X10X4 ENCLINFO204.00114.24
AB12106SM NEMA 1 12X10X6 ENCLIn Stock234.00131.04
AB12124SM NEMA 1 12X12X4 ENCLINFO225.00126.00
AB12126SM NEMA 1 12X12X6 ENCLINFO258.00144.48
AB12128SM NEMA 1 12X12X8 ENCLINFO286.00160.16
AB14124SM NEMA 1 14X12X4 ENCLINFO244.00136.64
AB14126SM NEMA 1 14X12X6 ENCLINFO277.00155.12
AB14128SM NEMA 1 14X12X8 ENCLINFO311.00174.16
AB16126LM NEMA 1 16X12X6 ENCL W/PANELIn Stock496.00277.76
AB16128LM NEMA 1 16X12X8 ENCL W/PANELINFO540.00302.40
AB16166LM NEMA 1 16X16X6 ENCL W/PANELINFO563.00315.28
AB20166LM NEMA 1 20X16X6 ENCL W/PANELINFO629.00352.24
AB20168LM NEMA 1 20X16X8 ENCL W/PANELINFO678.00379.68
AB20206LM NEMA 1 20X20X6 ENCL W/PANELINFO690.00386.40
AB20208LM NEMA 1 20X20X8 ENCL W/PANELINFO767.00429.52
AB24166LM NEMA 1 24X16X6 ENCL W/PANELINFO709.00397.04
AB242010LM NEMA 1 24X20X10 ENCL W/PANELINFO920.00515.20
AB24206LM NEMA 1 24X20X6 ENCL W/PANELINFO775.00434.00
AB24208LM NEMA 1 24X20X8 ENCL W/PANELINFO848.00474.88
AB242412LM NEMA 1 24X24X12 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,095.00613.20
AB24246LM NEMA 1 24X24X6 ENCL W/PANELINFO869.00486.64
AB24248LM NEMA 1 24X24X8 ENCL W/PANELINFO945.00529.20
AB302410LM NEMA 1 30X24X10 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,178.00659.68
AB30246LM NEMA 1 30X24X6 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,007.00563.92
AB30248LM NEMA 1 30X24X8 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,094.00612.64
AB36246LM NEMA 1 36X24X6 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,146.00641.76
AB36248LM NEMA 1 36X24X8 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,237.00692.72
AB363010LM NEMA 1 36X30X10 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,537.00860.72
AB363012LM NEMA 1 36X30X12 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,607.00899.92
AB36306LM NEMA 1 36X30X6 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,337.00748.72
AB36308LM NEMA 1 36X30X8 ENCL W/PANELINFO1,442.00807.52
AB664SM NEMA 1 6X6X4 ENCLINFO129.0072.24
AB864SM NEMA 1 8X6X4 ENCLINFO141.0078.96
AB866SM NEMA 1 8X6X6 ENCLINFO158.0088.48
AB884SM NEMA 1 8X8X4 ENCLINFO156.0087.36
AB886SM NEMA 1 8X8X6 ENCLINFO172.0096.32


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