A-LP Series

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A-LP Series

Hoffman NEMA 12 Enclosures and Panels A-LP Series

Hoffman NEMA 12 Enclosures and Panels


The Hoffman A-LP Series NEMA 12 single-door, wall-mounted enclosures house electrical and pneumatic controls, instruments, and components. These enclosures provide protection from dust, dirt, oil, and water.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
A-202408LP NEMA 12 20X24X08 ENCLOSURE INFO1,134.59907.67
A-241206LP NEMA 12 24X12X6 ENCL INFO929.64743.71
A-241606LP NEMA 12 24X16X6 ENCL INFO1,017.52814.02
A-241606LP-P NEMA 12 24X16X6 ENCL W/PERF INFO1,101.82881.46
A-241608LP NEMA 12 24X16X08 ENCL INFO1,044.30835.44
A-241608LP-P NEMA 12 24X16X08 ENCL W/PERF INFO1,128.60902.88
A-242006LP NEMA 12 24X20X06 ENCL INFO1,072.45857.96
A-242006LP-P NEMA 12 24X20X06 ENCL W/PERF INFO1,174.90939.92
A-242008LP NEMA 12 24X20X08 ENCL In Stock1,134.59907.67
A-242008LP-P NEMA 12 24X20X08 ENCL W/PERF In Stock1,237.03989.62
A-242406LP NEMA 12 24X24X06 INFO1,157.07925.66
A-242406LP-P NEMA 12 24X24X06 W/PERF INFO1,277.631,022.10
A-242408LP NEMA 12 24X24X08 ENCL In Stock1,224.35979.48
A-242408LP-P NEMA 12 24X24X08 ENCL W/PERF In Stock1,343.351,074.68
A-242412LP NEMA 12 24X24X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,358.761,087.01
A-242412LP-P NEMA 12 24X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,479.291,183.43
A-302406LP NEMA 12 30X24X06 ENCL INFO1,320.141,056.11
A-302406LP-P NEMA 12 30X24X06 ENCL W/PERF INFO1,467.921,174.34
A-302408LP NEMA 12 30X24X08 ENCL In Stock1,358.761,087.01
A-302408LP-P NEMA 12 30X24X08 ENCL W/PERF In Stock1,506.521,205.22
A-303008LP NEMA 12 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,848.321,478.66
A-303008LP-P NEMA 12 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO2,070.251,656.20
A-362406LP NEMA 12 36X24X06 ENCL In Stock1,450.581,160.46
A-362406LP-P NEMA 12 36X24X06 ENCL W/PERF In Stock1,625.491,300.39
A-362408LP NEMA 12 36X24X08 ENCL INFO1,494.011,195.21
A-362408LP-P NEMA 12 36X24X08 ENCL W/PERF In Stock1,668.891,335.11
A-363006LP NEMA 12 36X30X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,630.981,304.78
A-363006LP-P NEMA 12 36X30X6 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,848.141,478.51
A-363008LP NEMA 12 36X30X08 ENCLOSURE INFO1,679.551,343.64
A-363008LP-P NEMA 12 36X30X08 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock1,896.741,517.39
A-363010LP NEMA 12 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,773.111,418.49
A-363010LP-P NEMA 12 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,990.261,592.21
A-363608LP NEMA 12 36X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,867.511,494.01
A-422408LP NEMA 12 42X24X08 ENCL INFO1,675.271,340.22
A-422408LP-P NEMA 12 42X24X08 ENCL W/PERF INFO1,877.321,501.86
A-423008LP NEMA 12 42X30X08 ENCL INFO1,894.971,515.98
A-423608LP NEMA 12 42X36X08 ENCL In Stock2,112.961,690.37
A-423608LP-P NEMA 12 42X36X08 ENCL W/PERF In Stock2,414.621,931.70
A-483608LP NEMA 12 48X36X08 ENCL In Stock2,241.701,793.36
A-483608LP-P NEMA 12 48X36X08 ENCL W/PERF In Stock2,585.632,068.50
A-483610LP NEMA 12 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO2,360.131,888.10
A-483610LP-P NEMA 12 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF In Stock2,704.072,163.26
A483612LP NEMA 12 48X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO2,480.281,984.22
A-603608LP NEMA 12 60X36X08 ENCL INFO2,694.852,155.88
A-603608LP-P NEMA 12 60X36X08 ENCL W/PERF INFO3,123.292,498.63
A-603610LP NEMA 12 60 X 36 X 10 ENCLOSURE INFO2,749.772,199.82
A-603610LP-P NEMA 12 60 X 36 X 10 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO3,178.202,542.56
A-603612LP NEMA 12 60 X 36 X 12 ENCLOSURE INFO2,885.372,308.30
A-603612LP-P NEMA 12 60 X 36 X 12 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO3,313.802,651.04
A-604810LP NEMA 12 60 X 48 X 10 TWO DOOR ENCLOSURE INFO6,604.765,283.81
A-604812LP NEMA 12 60 X 48 X 12 TWO DOOR ENCLOSURE INFO6,811.695,449.35
A-606010LP NEMA 12 60 X 60 X 10 TWO DOOR ENCLOSURE INFO7,611.686,089.34
A-606012LP NEMA 12 60 X 60 X 12 TWO DOOR ENCLOSURE INFO7,628.766,103.01
A-723612LP NEMA 12 72 X 36 X 12 ENCLOSURE INFO3,293.892,635.11
A-726010ULP NEMA 12 72 X 60 X 10 TWO DOOR ENCLOSURE INFO8,710.346,968.27
A-726012ULP NEMA 12 72 X 60 X 12 TWO DOOR ENCLOSURE INFO8,718.876,975.10
A-727210ULP NEMA 12 72 X 72 X 10 TWO DOOR ENCLSOURE INFO9,683.127,746.50
A-727212ULP NEMA 12 72 X 72 X 12 TWO DOOR ENCLOSURE INFO9,702.337,761.86
A-362410LP WALL-MOUNT TYPE 12/13 ENCLOSURE INFO2,516.962,013.57
HO3630-HW PERF PANEL 33X27 FLANGED W/HW In Stock195.29156.23
A-1212CH NEMA 12 12 X 12 X 6 BOX HINGED COVER INFO301.00240.80
A-161206LP NEMA 12 16X12X06 ENCL In Stock802.96642.37
A-161206LP-P NEMA 12 16X12X06 ENCL W/PERF In Stock836.06668.85
A-161208LP NEMA 12 16X12X08 ENCL INFO842.61674.09
A-161208LP-P NEMA 12 16X12X08 ENCL W/PERF INFO875.74700.59
A-1614CH NEMA 12 16X14X6 ENCLOSURE INFO384.96307.97
A-161606LP NEMA 12 16X16X06 ENCL INFO864.07691.26
A-161606LP-P NEMA 12 16X16X06 ENCL W/PERF INFO908.06726.45
A-201606LP NEMA 12 20X16X06 ENCL In Stock926.20740.96
A-201606LP-P NEMA 12 20X16X06 ENCL W/PERF In Stock999.08799.26
A-201608LP NEMA 12 20X16X08 ENCL INFO977.69782.15
A-201608LP-P NEMA 12 20X16X08 ENCL W/PERF In Stock1,050.62840.50
A-202006LP NEMA 12 20X20X06 ENCL In Stock999.50799.60
A-202006LP-P NEMA 12 20X20X06 ENCL W/PERF In Stock1,087.21869.77
A-202008LP NEMA 12 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,055.45844.36
A-202008LP-P NEMA 12 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PERF INFO1,143.17914.54


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  • 16 gauge steel bodies and 14 gauge doors on sizes up through 24" x 24"; larger sizes all 14 gauge
  • Seams continuously welded and ground smooth, no holes or knockouts
  • External mounting feet
  • Quick and easy operation of door clamps
  • Door removable by pulling heavy gauge continuous-hinge pin
  • Hasp and staple for padlocking
  • Oil-resistant gasket attached with adhesive and steel retaining strips
  • Collar studs for mounting optional panels
  • White inside with ANSI 61 gray outside finish over phosphatized surfaces
  • Optional steel panels with white finish
  • UL File #E61997
  • CSA File #LR42186, RoHs
  • One year warranty

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