A-HCLO Series

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A-HCLO Series

Hoffman NEMA 3R Enclosures and Panels A-HCLO Series

Hoffman NEMA 3R Enclosures and Panels


Hoffman A-HCLO Series NEMA 3R hinge-cover lift-off enclosures can be used to house controls and instruments. Each NEMA enclosure provides protection in outdoor installations against rain, sleet, and snow. The NEMA 3R boxes also protect indoor installations against dripping water, making them ideal for building automation systems, BAS, and HVAC applications.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
A-10R86HCLO NEMA 3R 10X8X6 ENCL In Stock139.98111.98
A-10R86HCLOP NEMA 3R 10X8X6 W/PERF PANEL In Stock198.12158.50
A-10R86HCR NEMA 3R 10X8X6 ENCLOSURE INFO186.28149.02
A-12R106HCLO NEMA 3R 12X10X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock170.97136.78
A-12R106HCLOP NEMA 3R 12X10X6 W/PERF PANEL In Stock236.61189.29
A-12R106HCR NEMA 3R 12X10X6 ENCLOSURE INFO226.63181.30
A-12R1210HCR NEMA 3R 12X12X10 ENCLOSURE INFO344.94275.95
A-12R124 NEMA 3R 12 X 12 X 4 SCREW COVER ENCLOSURE In Stock129.95103.96
A-12R126HCLO NEMA 3R 12X12X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock188.03150.42
A-12R126HCLOP NEMA 3R 12X12X6 W/PERF PANEL In Stock257.84206.27
A-12R126HCR NEMA 3R 12X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO250.23200.18
A-16R126HCLO NEMA 3R 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock244.44195.55
A-16R126HCLOP NEMA 3R 16X12X6 W/ PERF PANEL In Stock324.36259.49
A-16R126HCR NEMA 3R 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO321.18256.94
A-16R166HCLO NEMA 3R 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock312.13249.70
A-16R166HCLOP NEMA 3R 16X16X6 W/PERF PANEL In Stock402.25321.80
A-16R166HCR NEMA 3R 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO373.88299.10
A-18R1810HCR NEMA 3R 18X18X10 ENCLOSURE INFO491.03392.82
A-18R186HCR NEMA 3R 18X18X6 ENCLOSURE INFO400.22320.18
A-20R166HCLO NEMA 3R 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock355.09284.07
A-20R166HCLOP NEMA 3R 20X16X6 W/PERF PANEL In Stock477.42381.94
A-20R166HCR NEMA 3R 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO430.88344.70
A-20R208HCLO NEMA 3R 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock447.95358.36
A-20R208HCLOP NEMA 3R 20X20X8 W/PERF PANEL INFO586.68469.34
A-24R208HCLO NEMA 3R 24X20X8 ENCL In Stock504.07403.26
A-24R208HCLOP NEMA 3R 24X20X8 W/PERF PANEL In Stock659.23527.38
A-24R2410HCR NEMA 3R 24X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO867.55694.04
A-24R248HCLO NEMA 3R 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock568.43454.74
A-24R248HCLOP NEMA 3R 24X24X8 W/PERF PANEL In Stock743.77595.02
A-24R248HCR NEMA 3R 24X24X8 HINGE COVER INFO779.90623.92
A-30R2410HCR NEMA 3R 30X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,106.25885.00
A-30R248HCLO NEMA 3R 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO664.18531.34
A-30R248HCLOP NEMA 3R 30X24X8 W/PERF PANEL INFO869.80695.84
A-30R248HCR NEMA 3R 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO911.58729.26
A-30R3012HCR NEMA 3R 30X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,301.181,040.94
A-30R3016HCR NEMA 3R 30X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO1,397.961,118.37
A-30R308HCR NEMA 3R 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO967.35773.88
A-36R2412HCR NEMA 3R 36 X 24 X 12 HINGE COVER ENCLOSURE In Stock1,393.301,114.64
A-36R3012HCR NEMA 3R 36X30X12 HINGE COVER INFO1,483.991,187.19
A-36R3610HCR NEMA 3R 36X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,497.051,197.64
A-36R3612HCR NEMA 3R 36X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,695.021,356.02
A-42R3012HCR NEMA 3R 42X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,670.571,336.46
A-42R3612HCR NEMA 3R 42X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,907.701,526.16
A-48R3612HCR NEMA 3R 48 X 36 X 12 HINGE COVER ENCLOSURE INFO2,020.601,616.48
A-48R3616HCR NEMA 3R 48X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO2,285.091,828.07
A-60R3612HCR NEMA 3R 60X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO2,541.572,033.26
A-8R64HCLO NEMA 3R 8X6X4 ENCLOSURE In Stock99.8779.90
A-8R64HCLOP NEMA 3R 8X6X4 W/PERF PANEL In Stock152.93122.34
A-8R64HCR NEMA 3R 8X6X4 ENCLOSURE INFO132.95106.36
A-8R86HCLO NEMA 3R 8X8X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock126.82101.46
A-8R86HCLOP NEMA 3R 8X8X6 W/PERF PANEL In Stock182.02145.62
A-8R86HCR NEMA 3R 8X8X6 ENCLOSURE INFO168.22134.58
A-MFK3RL014 MOUNTING FOOT KIT (14 GA) In Stock42.4333.94
A-MFK3RL016 MOUNTING FOOT KIT (16GA) In Stock35.5628.45
A-PMK3RL014 PANEL MOUNT KIT NEMA 3R 14GA In Stock43.7735.02
A-PMK3RL016 PANEL MOUNT KIT NEMA 3R 16GA In Stock40.4132.33
A20R208HCR NEMA 3R 20X20 ENCLOSURE INFO614.28491.42


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  • Drip-shield top and seam-free sides, front, and back
  • Galvanized steel lift-off hinges with stainless steel pins
  • Cover fastened securely with draw-pull catches
  • Provisions for padlocking on each draw-pull catch
  • Embossed mounting holes on back of enclosure
  • Gasketing along top of door
  • ANSI 61 gray polyester-powder coating inside and out over galvanized steel
  • Optional steel panels with white finish
  • Fans, heaters, louvers, and windows available
  • UL File #E27567
  • CSA File #LL42184, RoHs
  • One-year warranty

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