A-ALP, A-BLP Series

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A-ALP, A-BLP Series

Hoffman NEMA 4 Enclosures and Panels A-ALP, A-BLP Series

Hoffman NEMA 4 Enclosures and Panels


Hoffman A-ALP and A-BLP Series NEMA 4 enclosures are designed to house electrical and pneumatic controls, instruments, and components. These enclosures provide protection from windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
A-16H12ALP NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO853.33682.66
A-16H12ALP-P NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock899.77719.82
A-16H12ALP-PF NEMA 4 16X12X6 ENCL W/PERF PNL In Stock880.65704.52
A-16H12BLP NEMA 4 16X12X8 ENCLOSURE INFO896.03716.82
A-16H12BLP-P NEMA 4 16X12X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO942.45753.96
A-16H12BLP-PF NEMA 4 16X12X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO923.29738.63
A-16H16ALP NEMA 4 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock919.32735.46
A-16H16ALP-P NEMA 4 16X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock976.42781.14
A-16H16ALP-PF NEMA 4 16X16X6 ENCL W/PERF PNL In Stock956.36765.09
A-16H20ALP NEMA 4 16X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,012.99810.39
A-16H20ALP-P NEMA 4 16X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,080.76864.61
A-16H20ALP-PF NEMA 4 16X20X6 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,074.29859.43
A-20H16ALP NEMA 4 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO984.88787.90
A-20H16ALP-P NEMA 4 20X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock1,052.75842.20
A-20H16ALP-PF NEMA 4 20X16X6 ENCL W/PERF PNL In Stock1,046.14836.91
A-20H16BLP NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock1,038.94831.15
A-20H16BLP-P NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock1,106.81885.45
A-20H16BLP-PF NEMA 4 20X16X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL In Stock1,100.20880.16
A-20H16CLP NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,092.68874.14
A-20H16CLP-P NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,160.49928.39
A-20H16CLP-PF NEMA 4 20X16X10 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,154.02923.22
A-20H20ALP NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock1,062.53850.02
A-20H20ALP-P NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock1,144.44915.55
A-20H20ALP-PF NEMA 4 20X20X6 ENCL W/PERF PNL In Stock1,136.94909.55
A-20H20BLP NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,123.06898.45
A-20H20BLP-P NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock1,204.99963.99
A-20H20BLP-PF NEMA 4 20X20X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL In Stock1,197.38957.90
A-20H24BLP NEMA 4 20X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,240.63992.50
A-20H24BLP-P NEMA 4 20X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,346.681,077.34
A-20H24BLP-PF NEMA 4 20X24X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,328.251,062.60
A-24H12ALP NEMA 4 24X12X6 ENCLOSURE INFO988.90791.12
A-24H12ALP-P NEMA 4 24X12X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,054.27843.42
A-24H12ALP-PF NEMA 4 24X12X6 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,044.27835.42
A-24H16ALP NEMA 4 24X16X6 ENCLOSURE INFO988.90791.12
A-24H16ALP-P NEMA 4 24X16X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,159.31927.45
A-24H16ALP-PF NEMA 4 24X16X6 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,151.98921.58
A-24H20ALP NEMA 4 24X20X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock1,173.66938.93
A-24H20ALP-P NEMA 4 24X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock1,279.791,023.83
A-24H20BLP NEMA 4 24X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,205.87964.70
A-24H20BLP-P NEMA 4 24X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock1,312.001,049.60
A-24H20CLP NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,272.441,017.95
A-24H20CLP-P NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,378.481,102.78
A-24H20CLP-PF NEMA 4 24X20X10 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,360.061,088.05
A-24H24ALP NEMA 4 24X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,265.251,012.20
A-24H24ALP-P NEMA 4 24X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,386.031,108.82
A-24H24BLP NEMA 4 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,301.631,041.30
A-24H24BLP-P NEMA 4 24X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock1,423.661,138.93
A-24H30BLP NEMA 4 24X30X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,487.951,190.36
A-24H30BLP-P NEMA 4 24X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,635.991,308.79
A-24H30BLP-PF NEMA 4 24X30X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,615.891,292.71
A-30H20ALP NEMA 4 30X20X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,293.061,034.45
A-30H20ALP-P NEMA 4 30X20X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,420.541,136.43
A-30H20BLP NEMA 4 30X20X8 ENCLOSURE INFO1,369.331,095.46
A-30H20BLP-P NEMA 4 30X20X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,496.821,197.46
A-30H24ALP NEMA 4 30X24X6 ENCLOSURE INFO1,403.281,122.62
A-30H24ALP-P NEMA 4 30X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,551.371,241.10
A-30H24BLP NEMA 4 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock1,444.971,155.98
A-30H24BLP-P NEMA 4 30X24X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock1,593.071,274.46
A-30H24CLP NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,487.951,190.36
A-30H24CLP-P NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,674.711,339.77
A-30H24CLP-PF NEMA 4 30X24X10 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,654.611,323.69
A-30H24DLP NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,608.641,286.91
A-30H24DLP-P NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,756.681,405.34
A-30H24DLP-PF NEMA 4 30X24X12 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,736.581,389.26
A-30H30BLP NEMA 4 30 X 30 X 8 STEEL WALL MOUNT ENCLOSURE INFO1,618.961,295.17
A-30H30BLP-P NEMA 4 30X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO1,827.011,461.61
A-30H30BLP-PF NEMA 4 30X30X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO1,777.581,422.06
A-36H24ALP NEMA 4 36X24X6 ENCLOSURE In Stock1,542.751,234.20
A-36H24ALP-P NEMA 4 36X24X6 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock1,719.921,375.94
A-36H24BLP NEMA 4 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock1,590.201,272.16
A-36H24BLP-P NEMA 4 36X24X8 ENCLOSURE W\PNL In Stock1,767.381,413.90
A-36H30BLP NEMA 4 36X30X8 ENCLOSURE In Stock1,790.061,432.05
A-36H30BLP-P NEMA 4 36X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO2,026.261,621.01
A-36H30CLP NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE INFO1,888.961,511.17
A-36H30CLP-P NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO2,125.101,700.08
A-36H30CLP-PF NEMA 4 36X30X10 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO2,078.731,662.98
A-36H30DLP NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCLOSURE INFO1,989.521,591.62
A-36H30DLP-P NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO2,225.661,780.53
A-36H30DLP-PF NEMA 4 36X30X12 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO2,052.021,641.62
A-36H30FLP NEMA 4 36X30X16 ENCLOSURE INFO2,190.841,752.67
A-36H30FLP-P NEMA 4 36X30X16 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO2,426.981,941.58
A-36H30FLP-PF NEMA 4 36X30X16 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO2,241.591,793.27
A-42H30BLP NEMA 4 42 X 30 X 8 WALL MOUNT ENCLOSURE INFO2,018.651,614.92
A-42H30BLP-P NEMA 4 42X30X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO2,288.351,830.68
A-42H30BLP-PF NEMA 4 42X30X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO2,108.331,686.66
A-42H36BLP NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO2,251.041,800.83
A-42H36BLP-P NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO2,568.632,054.90
A-42H36BLP-PF NEMA 4 42X36X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO2,369.181,895.34
A-48H30CLP NEMA 4 ENCL 48X30X10 INFO2,319.161,855.33
A-48H30CLP-P NEMA 4 48X30X10 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO2,622.692,098.15
A-48H36BLP NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO2,459.691,967.75
A-48H36BLP-P NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL In Stock2,818.312,254.65
A-48H36BLP-PF NEMA 4 48X36X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL In Stock2,601.112,080.89
A-48H36CLP NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO2,587.942,070.35
A-48H36CLP-P NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO2,946.572,357.26
A-48H36CLP-PF NEMA 4 48X36X10 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO2,721.882,177.50
A-48H36DLP NEMA 4 48X36X12 ENCLOSURE INFO2,642.912,114.33
A-48H36DLP-P NEMA 4 48X36X12 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO3,001.532,401.22
A-48H36DLP-PF NEMA 4 48X36X12 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO2,773.632,218.90
A-48H36FLP NEMA 4 48X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO2,897.152,317.72
A-48H36FLP-P NEMA 4 48X36X16 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO3,255.772,604.62
A-48H36FLP-PF NEMA 4 48X36X16 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO3,013.032,410.42
A-60H36BLP NEMA 4 60X36X8 ENCLOSURE INFO2,867.372,293.90
A-60H36BLP-P NEMA 4 60X36X8 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO3,308.242,646.59
A-60H36BLP-PF NEMA 4 60X36X8 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO3,055.862,444.69
A-60H36CLP NEMA 4 60X36X10 ENCLOSURE INFO3,018.492,414.79
A-60H36CLP-P NEMA 4 60X36X10 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO3,459.372,767.50
A-60H36CLP-PF NEMA 4 60X36X10 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO3,198.152,558.52
A-60H36FLP NEMA 4 60X36X16 ENCLOSURE INFO3,366.622,693.30
A-60H36FLP-P NEMA 4 60X36X16 ENCLOSURE W/PNL INFO3,807.503,046.00
A-60H36FLP-PF NEMA 4 60X36X16 ENCL W/PERF PNL INFO3,525.962,820.77
HO1612-HW PERF PANEL 13X9 FLAT W/HW In Stock29.7723.82
HO1616-HW PERF PANEL 13X13 FLAT W/HW In Stock39.5531.64
HO2016-HW PERF PANEL 17X13 FLANGED W/HW In Stock65.5852.46
HO2020-HW PERF PANEL 17X17 FLANGED W/HW In Stock78.8663.09
HO3024-HW PERF PANEL 27X21 FLANGED W/HW In Stock132.88106.30
HO3030-HW PERF PANEL 27X27 FLANGED W/HW INFO164.06131.25
HO3624-HW PERF PANEL 33X21 FLANGED W/HW INFO157.28125.82
HO4224-HW PERF PANEL 39X21 FLANGED W/HW INFO181.71145.37


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  • Continuously welded or ground-smooth seam, no holes or knockouts
  • Seamless, watertight foam gasket for tight seal
  • Hasp and staple for padlocking
  • Removable door
  • Data pocket included
  • Collar studs provided for mounting optional subpanels
  • Steel subpanels available
  • Fans, heaters, louvers, and windows available
  • UL File #E61997
  • CSA File #LR42186, RoHs
  • One-year warranty