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VRW Series

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VRW Series

Pressure Regulating Flanged Control Valves VRW Series

Pressure Regulating Flanged Control Valves


The Honeywell VRW Series pressure-regulated control valves reduce overall installation labor by integrating flow control and temperature control functions into a single valve assembly and then automatically controlling the flow in each hydronic system circuit to maintain temperature when piping pressures fluctuate. The valves feature an integrated pressure control cartridge that delivers flow balancing and control functions in one package. VRW valves are flanged, sizes 2 1/2" to 6" FNPT, and use standard Honeywell 44 in-lb fail-safe and non-fail safe direct-coupled actuators.


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  • Controls hot or chilled water with up to 50% glycol
  • Differential pressure regulator for constant pressure drop across valve seat
  • Positive pressure, rolling diaphragm regulator design for flow control accuracy of ±5%
  • Equal percentage flow characteristic using multi-turn, non-rising, characterized plug
  • Six-turn actuator with floating or modulating inputs for floating or fail-safe action
  • Regulated flow rates from 39 to 469 gpm
  • Stainless steel trim
  • 50 discrete, selectable flow rates available per valve size
  • Two Test Ports for venting or pressure gauge attachment

Valve Type:Dynamic Pressure Regulated Control Valve

Body Style:Two-way, multi-turn, non-rising stem valve, straight-through flow

Pipe Size:2 1/2″ to 6″ with multi-size wafer flange pipe fittings

Body Pressure Rating (maximum):580 psig (40 bar) at 248℉ (120℃)

Controlled Medium:Water or Glycol solutions up to 50%; not suitable for combustible gases, oil or steam

Medium Temperature Range:-4° to 248℉ (-20° to 120℃)

Maximum Differential Pressure:58 psid (400 kPa)

Close-off pressure:101 psid (700 kPa), maximum 0.2% leakage

Flow Characteristics:Equal percentage

Body:Ductile iron (ASTM A536-65T, Class 60-45-18)

Flow Optimizer:Stainless steel

Stem Seals:EPDM and Nitrile O-rings

Ball Seals:Reinforced Teflon™ seals, with EPDM O-rings

Regulator:EPDM rolling diaphragm in 316 stainless ssteel housing


Supply Voltage:24VAC, 50/60Hz

Control Signal:2-10VDC, 4-20 mA (w/ external 500Ω resistor), Pulse-width modulating, floating, two-position SPDT


Non-Fail Safe:Stay in Place

Fail-Safe (field configurable):Open/Closed

Normal position (no signal):Open/Closed

Actuator Stroke (degrees):6 x 360°

Timing:150 seconds/60Hz

Feedback:4-20 mA (2-10VDC) built-in

Warranty:1 year on valves

 :* Actuators available factory-installed.