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VP526A Series

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VP526A Series

 Pneumatic Three-Way High Pressure Water Valve  VP526A Series

Pneumatic Three-Way High Pressure Water Valve


The Honeywell VP526A Pneumatic Three-Way High Pressure Water Valve provides proportional control of hot and/or cold water in unit ventilator and fan coil systems. The pipe connections are for 45 degrees SAE flared fittings.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
VP526A1001/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/5/8INOD/1.6CV/3-10PSI-SPRINGINFO435.00217.50
VP526A1019/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/5/8INOD/2.5CV/3-10PSI-SPRINGINFO441.00220.50
VP526A1027/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/5/8INOD/1.6CV/2-5PSI-SPRINGINFO425.00212.50
VP526A1035/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/5/8INOD/2.5CV/2-5PSI-SPRINGINFO435.00217.50
VP526A1043/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/5/8INOD/1.6CV/8-11PSI-SPRINGINFO435.00217.50
VP526A1050/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/5/8INOD/2.5CV/8-11PSI-SPRINGINFO425.00212.50
VP526A1068/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/1/2INOD/1.0CV/3-10PSI-SPRINGINFO454.00227.00
VP526A1076/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/1/2INOD/1.6CV/3-10PSI-SPRINGINFO425.00212.50
VP526A1084/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/1/2INOD/1.0CV/2-5PSI-SPRINGINFO452.00226.00
VP526A1092 3/8 VALVEIn Stock431.00215.50
VP526A1092/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/1/2INOD/1.6CV/2-5PSI-SPRINGINFO435.00217.50
VP526A1100/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/1/2INOD/1.0CV/8-11PSI-SPRINGINFO435.00217.50
VP526A1118/U 3-WAY/UNI-WTR-VLV/1/2INOD/1.6CV/8-11PSI-SPRINGINFO435.00217.50
VP531C1000 1/2" NPT,1.6 CV, 2-5 SPRING RANGEINFO363.00181.50


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  • Small size permits installation where space is limited
  • Direct-acting, rolling diaphragm actuator with integral high temperature plastic air connector for 1/4-in. (6mm) O.D. plastic tubing
  • Spring loaded, self-adjusting Buna-N ″V″ -ring packing replaceable without shutting system down
  • Brass seats (lower is integral, upper is removable) and contoured plug provide metal-to-metal seating
  • Stainless steel stem
  • Linear and constant total flow throughout full plug travel.

Actuator Control Type:Direct acting, rolling diaphragm type

Air Connection:Integral, for 1/4-in. (6mm) O.D. plastic tubing

Flow Characteristic:Linear and constant flow thoughout plug travel

Maximum Safe Air Pressure:30 psi (207 kPa)

Body Pressure Rating:250 psi (1724 kPa)

Media Compatibility:Chilled or Hot Water

Controlled Medium Temperature:30 to 250℉

Valve Size Range:3/8″, 1/2″

Close-Off Ratings:See Datasheet Chart

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document   VP526A Datasheet
document   VP526A Installation Sheet