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VM Series

Modulating Poptop™ Zone Valves VM Series

Modulating Poptop™ Zone Valves


The Schneider Electric VM Series Modulating PopTop™ Zone Valves offer a wide variety of Cv ranges and control signal options for hot and chilled water. The PopTop™ valves are designed with removable actuators with tri-state or proportional control and either non-spring or spring return action. The valves are available in two- and three-way body patterns, 1/2" to 1-1/4" sizes, and in NPT or sweat pipe connections. An optional motor timeout actuator is available for controllers that do not automatically turn off their signals after the full stroke of the valve.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
AP13A000 24 VAC N.C. PROP. ACTUATORINFO564.00315.84
AP33A000 PROPORTIONAL 0-10VDC/4-20MAIn Stock321.00179.76
VM2211 2-WAY/1/2IN/SWEAT/CV=1.0INFO95.0053.20
VM2212 2-WAY/1/2IN/SWEAT/CV=2.0INFO95.0053.20
VM2213 2-WAY/1/2IN/SWEAT/CV=4.0INFO94.0052.64
VM2221 2-WAY/1/2IN/NPT CV=1.0In Stock107.0059.92
VM2222 2-WAY/1/2IN/NPT CV=2.5In Stock107.0059.92
VM2223 2-WAY/1/2IN/NPT CV=4.0INFO107.0059.92
VM2231 2-WAY/1/2IN/BSP/CV=1.0INFO159.0089.04
VM2232 2-WAY/1/2IN/BSP/CV=2.0INFO159.0089.04
VM2233 2-WAY/1/2IN/BSP/CV=4.0INFO159.0089.04
VM2251 2-WAY/1/2IN/1/2IN/FLARE/CV=1.0INFO176.0098.56
VM2252 2-WAY/1/2IN/1/2IN/FLARE/CV=2.0INFO241.00134.96
VM2253 2-WAY/1/2IN/1/2IN/FLARE/CV=4.0INFO233.00130.48
VM2312 2-WAY/3/4IN/MOD/SWEAT/CV=2.0INFO144.0080.64
VM2313 2-WAY/3/4IN/SWEAT/CV=4.0INFO144.0080.64
VM2321 2-WAY/3/4IN/NPT CV=1.0INFO213.00119.28
VM2322 2-WAY/3/4IN/NPT CV=2.5INFO158.0088.48
VM2323 2-WAY/3/4IN/NPT CV=4.0INFO158.0088.48
VM2327 2-WAY/3/4IN/NPT CV=8.0INFO163.0091.28
VM2332 2-WAY/3/4IN/BSP/CV=2.0INFO155.0086.80
VM2333 2-WAY/3/4IN/BSP/CV=4.0INFO155.0086.80
VM2413 2-WAY/1IN/SWEAT/CV=4.0INFO288.00161.28
VM2417 2-WAY/1IN/SWEAT/CV=8.0INFO291.00162.96
VM2427 2-WAY/1IN/NPT CV=8.0INFO221.00123.76
VM2437 2-WAY/1IN/BSP/CV=8.0INFO218.00122.08
VM2517 2-WAY/1 1/4IN/SWEAT/CV=8.0INFO337.00188.72
VM3211 3-WAY 1/2IN/SWEAT/VALVE CV=1.0INFO144.0080.64
VM3212 3-WAY/1/2IN/SWEAT/CV=2.5In Stock116.0064.96
VM3213 3-WAY/1/2IN/SWEAT/CV=4.0INFO116.0064.96
VM3221 3-WAY/1/2IN/NPT CV=1.0INFO163.0091.28
VM3222 3-WAY/1/2IN/NPT CV=2.5INFO131.0073.36
VM3223 3-WAY/1/2IN/NPT CV=4.0INFO131.0073.36
VM3231 3-WAY/1/2IN/BSP/CV=1.0INFO128.0071.68
VM3232 3-WAY/1/2IN/BSP/CV=2.0INFO190.00106.40
VM3233 3-WAY/1/2IN/BSP/CV=4.0INFO190.00106.40
VM3312 3-WAY/3/4IN/SWEAT/CV=2.0INFO225.00126.00
VM3313 3-WAY 3/4IN/SWEAT/CV=4.0INFO165.0092.40
VM3317 3-WAY/3/4IN/SWEAT/CV=8.0INFO232.00129.92
VM3322 3-WAY/3/4IN/NPT CV=2.5INFO184.00103.04
VM3323 3-WAY/3/4IN/NPT CV=4.0INFO184.00103.04
VM3327 3-WAY/3/4IN/NPT CV=8.0In Stock184.00103.04
VM3333 3-WAY/3/4IN/BSP/CV=4.0INFO246.00137.76
VM3413 3-WAY/1IN/SWEAT/CV=4.0INFO319.00178.64
VM3417 3-WAY/1IN/SWEAT/CV=8.0INFO323.00180.88
VM3427 3-WAY/1IN/NPT CV=8.0INFO340.00190.40
VM3437 3-WAY/1IN/BSP/CV=8.1INFO237.00132.72
VM3517 3-WAY/1 1/4IN/NPT CV=8.0INFO365.00204.40


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  • Two- or three-way mixing body patterns
  • Removable and replaceable actuator
  • NPT or sweat connections
  • Manual override
  • Time-out option (tri-state actuator)
  • Non-spring or spring return actuators

Size:1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4″

Cv Range:1.0 to 8.0

Connections:FNPT, Sweat, or 1/2" SAE flare valve body connections

Flow Characteristic:Equal Percentage for Cv 1 to 4; linear for Cv 8.0

Leakage Rating:ANSI Class IV (0.01% of rated capacity)

Maximum Closeoff Pressure:Cv 1.0: 50 psid (344 kPa)

Cv 2.0: 50 psid (344 kPa), 20 psid (137 kPa) spring return:

Cv 4.0: 35 psid (241 kPa), 20 psid (137 kPa) spring return:

Cv 8.0: 35 psid (241 kPa), 15 psid (103 kPa) spring return:

Maximum Pressure Rating:300 psig (2067 kPa)

Materials Of Construction:Brass valve body and seat, chrome-plated stem, thermoplastic plug; high-temperature plastic actuator housing

Media Compatibility:Hot or chilled water; 50% or less ethylene glycol

Media Temperature Range:32° to 200℉ (0° to 93℃)

Supply Voltage:24 VAC ±15% @ 10 VA (max), 50/60 Hz

Signal Input:AT actuators: tri-state (floating); AP actuators: proportional (0-5, 0-10, 5-10 VDC or 4-20 mA) jumper selectable

Input Impedance:200 kΩ (0-10 VDC); 300Ω (4-20 mA)


Action:Two-way valves: N.O./N.C. determined by choice of actuator; three-way valves: use only N.C. actuator

Actuator Compatibility:AT (tri-state) or AP (proportional 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA) type actuators only

Actuator Mounting:Poptop®

Drive Time:150 seconds @ 60 Hz

Spring Return Time:9 seconds maximum

Manual Override:Combination override lever and position indicator, all actuators

Operating Temperature:Maximum ambient 125℉ (52℃)

Operating Humidity:5 to 95% RH non-condensing

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 1

Weight:Valve plus actuator assembly, <1.9 lb (0.86 Kg)

Approvals:UL File #E9429 CSA C22.2 No. 24; CE , C-Tick

Warranty:2 years