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VG7000 Series

Globe Valves VG7000 Series

Globe Valves


The Johnson Controls VG7000 Series Globe valves are designed for hot water, chilled water, or steam control in HVAC systems. The globe design exhibits excellent control with two-way equal percentage and three-way linear response. The valves come in two- or three-way NPT thread configurations. All the valves can be fitted with many different control actuators (both electric and pneumatic) and with a variety of control signals, spring ranges, and failsafe operation.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
AV-7400 LINKAGE KIT FOR MK-2690INFO59.0033.04
M9000-530 LINKAGEIn Stock1,260.00705.60
MP6-381 XP HAZ LOC FLT NSR 24VINFO8,513.004,767.28
V-3000-600 DIAPHRAGM; DIAPHRAGM FOR V-3000-1INFO109.0061.04
V-3752-6009 1 NO UA 3-6# 7.7CV; W/O ACTUATORINFO816.00456.96
V-3754-6009 SPRING KIT;9-13# FOR VLV; W/.5 STROKEINFO103.0057.68
V-3974-6008 SPRING KIT;4-8#; FOR VLV; W/.5 STROKEINFO109.0061.04
V-4710-602 DIAPHRAGMINFO425.00238.00
V-4710-603 DIAPHRAGMINFO837.00468.72
V95028102 SRG.KT/V-9502-76/1 1/4IN VALVEINFO55.0030.80
V-9999-BC1 KIT FOR INVENSYS VB-7000, VB-9000INFO105.0058.80
VA-7150-1900 J/C CONDUIT ADAPTERIn Stock56.0031.36
VA-7203-1001 VALVE ACTUATORINFO886.38496.37
VA7810-AGA-2 ON/OFF OR FLTG/24VAC/NSRINFO1,099.00615.44
VA7810-HGA-2 ON/OFF/PROP OR FLTG/24VAC/NSRINFO1,138.00637.28
VA7820-HGA-2 ON/OFF/PROP OR FLTG/24VAC/SRINFO1,309.00733.04
VA7830-HGC-2 ON/OFF/PROP OR FLTG/24VAC/SR/2SPDT-AUX/EXT STEMIn Stock1,374.00769.44
VG2231TM+843C01 2.5 INCH PDTC MP84 ACTINFO3,663.002,051.28
VG7000-1003 V3000/VG V.ACT.9-13#(1/2-3/4IN)In Stock93.0052.08
VG7000-1004 V3000/VG V.ACT.3-6#(1-1 1/4IN)INFO89.0049.84
VG7000-1005 V3000/VG V.ACT.4-8#(1-1 1/4IN)INFO84.0047.04
VG7000-1006 V3000/VG V.ACT.9-13#(1-1 1/4IN)INFO100.0056.00
VG7000-1014 V400/VG V.LINKAGE FOR (1-2IN)INFO55.0830.84
VG7000-1016 BONNET ADAPTORIn Stock33.0018.48
VG7000-6001 J/C PK.KT. W/VG 1/2&3/4IN VALVEINFO63.0035.28
VG7000-M110 VG V.LINKAGE FOR M110 ACT.INFO351.90197.06
VG7000-M130 VG/V.LINKAGE FOR M120&M130 ACTINFO351.90197.06
VG7000-M140 VG/V.LINKAGE FOR M140 ACTUATORINFO351.90197.06
VG7241CT 2W 1/2IN NPT CV=0.73In Stock272.00152.32
VG7241CT/423A 2W 1/2 CV=0.73 SR NO FLOATINGINFO1,018.00570.08
VG7241CT/423B 2W 1/2 CV=0.73 SR NO 2-POSINFO911.00510.16
VG7241CT/423G 2W 1/2 CV=0.73 SR NO PROPINFO1,388.00777.28
VG7241CT/3008B 0.5" 2W NPT NO CV=0.73INFO528.00295.68
VG7241CT/3008B-P 0.5" 2W NPT NO W/POS CV=0.73INFO1,106.00619.36
VG7241CT/3008D 1/2" 2W N.O. 4-8 PSIINFO528.00295.68
VG7241CT/3008DP 2W 1/2" FNPT NO W/POS CV=.73INFO1,198.00670.88
VG7241CT/3008E 2W 1/2" NO FNPT 9-13 PSIIn Stock492.00275.52
VG7241CT/3008EP 2W 1/2" FNPT NO W/POS 9-13PSIINFO1,198.00670.88
VG7241CT/7150 0.5" 2W FLOATING NSR CV=0.73In Stock651.00364.56
VG7241CT/7152 0.5" 2W MOD NSR CV=0.73INFO939.00525.84
VG7241CT71CAGC 0.5IN 2W NPT VALVE CV=0.73INFO1,233.00690.48
VG7241CT71CHGA 0.5IN 2W/2POS NSR MOD CV=0.73INFO1,288.00721.28
VG7241CT71CHGC 0.5IN 2W MOD W/SWITCH CV.=7320INFO1,232.00689.92
VG7241CT72CHGA 0.5IN 2W 2POS NO SR CV=0.73INFO1,448.00810.88
VG7241CT72CHGC 0.5IN 2W W/SWCH NO SR CV=0.73INFO1,725.00966.00
VG7241ET 2W 1/2IN NPT VALVE CV = 1.8INFO272.00152.32
VG7241ET/423B 2W 1/2 CV=1.8 SR NO PROPINFO911.00510.16
VG7241ET/3008B 0.5" 2W NPT NO CV=1.8INFO528.00295.68
VG7241ET/3008B-P 0.5" 2W NPT NO W/POS CV=1.8INFO1,198.00670.88
VG7241ET/3008D 0.5" 2W NPT CV=1.8 4-8 PSIGINFO528.00295.68
VG7241ET/3008DP 2W NO 1/2" FNPT 4-8 PSI W/POSINFO1,198.00670.88
VG7241ET/3008E 2W 1/2" NO FNPT 9-13 PSIINFO528.00295.68
VG7241ET/3008EP 2W NO 1/2" FNPT 9-13PSI W/POSINFO1,198.00670.88
VG7241ET/423A 2W 1/2" CV=1.8 T-STATE FLTGINFO1,018.00570.08
VG7241ET/423G 2W 1/2" CV=1.8 PROP 24VACINFO1,388.00777.28
VG7241ET/7150 0.5" 2W FLOATING NSR CV=1.8INFO651.00364.56
VG7241ET/7152 0.5" 2W MOD NSR CV=1.8INFO873.00488.88
VG7241ET71CAGA 0.5IN 2W 2POS NPT N.O.CV=1.8INFO1,255.00702.80
VG7241ET71CAGC 0.5IN 2W NPT CV=1.8 NSRINFO1,233.00690.48
VG7241ET71CHGA 0.5IN 2W NSR MOD CV = 1.8INFO1,288.00721.28
VG7241ET71CHGC 0.5IN 2W 2P MOD W/SWCH CV=1.8INFO1,232.00689.92
VG7241ET72CHGC 0.5IN 2W W/SWCH NO SR CV=1.8INFO1,725.00966.00
VG7241GT 2W 1/2IN NPT VALV CV = 4.6In Stock273.00152.88
VG7241GT/423A 2W 1/2 CV=4.6 SR NO FLOATINGINFO912.00510.72
VG7241GT/423B 2W 1/2 CV=4.6 SR NO 2-POSINFO912.00510.72
VG7241GT/423G 2W 1/2 CV=4.6 SR NO PROPINFO1,292.00723.52
VG7241GT/3008B 0.5" 2W NPP NO CV=4.6INFO529.00296.24
VG7241GT/3008B-P 0.5" 2W NPT NO W/POS CV=4.6INFO1,199.00671.44
VG7241GT/3008D 2W 1/2" NO FNPT 4-8 PSIINFO494.00276.64
VG7241GT/3008DP 2W NO 1/2" FNPT 4-8 PSI W/POSINFO1,199.00671.44
VG7241GT/3008E 2W 1/2" FNPT NO 9-13 PSIIn Stock494.00276.64
VG7241GT/3008EP 2W NO 1/2" FNPT 9-13PSI W/POSINFO1,199.00671.44
VG7241GT/7150 0.5" 2W FLOATING CV=4.6In Stock686.00384.16
VG7241GT/7152 0.5" 2W MOD NSR CV=4.6INFO940.00526.40
VG7241GT71CAGA 0.5IN 2W 2POS NPT N.O. CV=4.6INFO1,256.00703.36
VG7241GT71CAGC 0.5IN 2W NPT VALVE CV=4.6 NSRINFO1,234.00691.04
VG7241GT71CHGA 0.5IN 2W NSR MOD CV = 4.6INFO1,290.00722.40
VG7241GT71CHGC 0.5IN 2W 2P MOD W/SWCH CV=4.6INFO1,234.00691.04
VG7241GT72CHGA 0.5IN 2W 2POS NO SR CV=4.6INFO1,449.00811.44
VG7241GT72CHGC 0.5IN 2W W/SWCH NO SR CV=4.6INFO1,727.00967.12
VG7241LT 2W 3/4IN NPT VALVE CV = 7.3In Stock383.00214.48
VG7241LT/423B 2W 3/4 CV=7.3 SR NO 2-POSINFO1,006.00563.36
VG7241LT/3008B 0.75" 2W NPT NO CV=7.3INFO630.00352.80
VG7241LT/3008B-P 0.75" 2W NPT NO W/POS CV=7.3INFO1,292.00723.52
VG7241LT+3008D 2W 3/4" FNPT NO 4-8 PSIINFO630.00352.80
VG7241LT/3008DP 2W NO 3/4" FNPT 4-8 PSI W/POSINFO1,292.00723.52
VG7241LT/3008E 2W 3/4" FNPT NO 9-13 PSIIn Stock586.00328.16
VG7241LT/3008EP 2W NO 3/4" FNPT 9-13PSI W/POSINFO1,292.00723.52
VG7241LT/423A 2W 3/4" CV=7.3 T-STATE FLTGINFO1,110.00621.60
VG7241LT/423G 2W 3/4" CV=7.3 PROP 24VACINFO1,386.00776.16
VG7241LT/7150 0.75" 2WAY 2POS CV=7.3 NSRIn Stock744.00416.64
VG7241LT/7152 0.75" 2WAY 0-10V,4-20MA MODINFO967.00541.52
VG7241LT71CAGA 0.75IN 2WAY NPT N.O. CV=7.3INFO1,353.00757.68
VG7241LT71CHGA 0.75IN 2WAY/2POS NSR CV=7.3INFO1,388.00777.28
VG7241LT71CHGC 0.75IN 2W 2POS CV=7.3 MOD W/SWINFO1,329.00744.24
VG7241LT72CHGA 0.75IN 2W 2POS NO SR CV=7.3INFO1,547.00866.32
VG7241LT72CHGC 0.75IN 2W FLTG W/SWCH SR CV7.3INFO1,823.001,020.88
VG7241LT/916AGC 2WAY 2 POS. NSR CV=7.3INFO902.00505.12
VG7241NT 2W 1IN NPT VALVE CV = 11.6INFO492.00275.52
VG7241NT/423B 2W 1 CV=11.6 SR NO 2-POSINFO1,102.00617.12
VG7241NT/3008B 1" 2-WAY/N.O. CV=11.6 3-6PSIGINFO686.00384.16
VG7241NT/3008B-P 1" 2W NPT NO W/POS CV=11.6INFO1,391.00778.96
VG7241NT/3008D 2W 1" NO FNPT CV=11.60 4-8PSIINFO680.00380.80
VG7241NT/3008DP 2W NO 1" FNPT 4-8 PSI W/POSINFO1,385.00775.60
VG7241NT/3008E 2W 1" NO FNPT CV= 11.60INFO686.00384.16
VG7241NT/3008EP 2W NO 1" FNPT 9-13PSI W/POSINFO1,391.00778.96
VG7241NT/423A 2W 1" CV=12 TRI-STATE FLTGINFO1,206.00675.36
VG7241NT/423G 2W 1" CV=12 PROP 24VACINFO1,482.00829.92
VG7241NT/7150 1" 2WAY 2POS CV=11.6 NSRINFO838.00469.28
VG7241NT/7152 1" 2WAY 0-10V 4/20MA MODINFO1,145.00641.20
VG7241NT71CAGA 1IN 2W NPT VALVE CV=11.6INFO1,453.00813.68
VG7241NT71CAGC 1IN 2W/2POS NSR CV=11.6INFO1,421.00795.76
VG7241NT71CHGA 1IN 2W/2POS NSR CV=11.6INFO1,487.00832.72
VG7241NT71CHGC 1IN 2W 2POS MOD W/SWCH CV=11.6INFO1,428.00799.68
VG7241NT/7200 1" 2W FLOATING NSR CV=11.6INFO1,099.00615.44
VG7241NT/7202 1" 2W FLOATING NSR CV=11.6INFO1,662.00930.72
VG7241NT72CHGA 1IN 2W 2POS NO SR CV=11.6INFO1,646.00921.76
VG7241NT72CHGC 1IN 2W FLTG W/SWCH SR CV=11.6INFO1,924.001,077.44
VG7241NT/822C 2W 1" NO FNPT 3-7PSI CV=11.60INFO1,442.00807.52
VG7241NT/822C01 2-WAY, 1 NPT, 11.6 CV, W/ ACT, POS, 3-7 LB.INFO2,149.001,203.44
VG7241NT/822CP 2W NO 1"CV=11.60 3-7PSI W/POSINFO1,997.001,118.32
VG7241NT/822D 2W 1" NO FNPT 4-8PSI CV=11.60INFO1,520.00851.20
VG7241NT/822DP 2W NO 1"CV=11.60 4-8PSI W/POSINFO1,997.001,118.32
VG7241NT/822E 2W 1" NO FNPT 9-13PSI CV=11.6INFO1,609.00901.04
VG7241NT/822EP 2W 1" CV=11.60 9-13PSI W/POSINFO2,166.001,212.96
VG7241PT 2W 1-1/4IN NPT VALVE CV = 18.5INFO657.00367.92
VG7241PT/423B 2W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 SR NO 2-POSINFO1,264.00707.84
VG7241PT/423A 2W 1 1/4" CV=18 TRI-STATE FLTINFO1,369.00766.64
VG7241PT/423G 2W 1 1/4" CV=18 PROP 24VACINFO1,643.00920.08
VG7241PT/7150 1.25" 2WAY 2POS CV=18.5INFO997.00558.32
VG7241PT/7152 1.25" 2WAY 0-10V,4-20MAINFO1,225.00686.00
VG7241PT71CAGA 1.25IN 2W NPT VALVE CV=18.5INFO1,619.00906.64
VG7241PT71CAGC 1.25IN 2W/2POS NSR CV=48.5INFO1,581.00885.36
VG7241PT71CHGA 1.25IN 2W MOD NPT CV=18.5INFO1,655.00926.80
VG7241PT/7200 1.25" 2W FLOATING NSR CV=18.5INFO1,261.00706.16
VG7241PT/7202 1.25" 2W MOD NSR CV=18.5INFO1,821.001,019.76
VG7241PT72CHGA 1.25IN 2W 2POS NO SR CV=18.5INFO1,863.001,043.28
VG7241PT72CHGC 1.25IN 2W FLTG W/SWCH CV=18.5INFO2,091.001,170.96
VG7241PT/74CHGA 1-1/4, 2W, CV=18.5, 2P/FLT/PROP, SR NCINFO1,749.00979.44
VG7241PT/822C 2W NO 1 1/4" FNPT CV=18.50INFO1,601.00896.56
VG7241PT/822CP 2W1 1/4"CV=18.50 3-7PSI W/POSINFO2,156.001,207.36
VG7241PT/822D 2W NO 1 1/4" 4-8PSI CV=18.50INFO1,601.00896.56
VG7241PT/822DP 2W1 1/4"CV=18.50 4-8PSI W/POSINFO2,156.001,207.36
VG7241PT/822E 2W NO 1 1/4" 9-13PSI CV=18.50INFO1,768.00990.08
VG7241PT/822EP 2W1 1/4"CV=18.50 9-13PSI W/POINFO2,325.001,302.00
VG7241RT 2W 1-1/2IN NPT VALVE CV=28.9INFO899.00503.44
VG7241RT71CAGA 1.5IN 2W NPT VALVE CV=28.9INFO1,813.001,015.28
VG7241RT71CAGC 1.5IN 2W/2POS NSR CV=28.9INFO1,764.00987.84
VG7241RT71CHGA 1.5IN 2W/2POS NSR MOD CV=28.9INFO1,849.001,035.44
VG7241RT71CHGC 1.5IN 2W NPT MOD W/SWCH CV=28.9INFO1,791.001,002.96
VG7241RT/7200 1.5" 2WAY 2POS CV=28.9 NSRINFO1,448.00810.88
VG7241RT/7202 1.5" 2W MOD NSR CV=28.9INFO2,004.001,122.24
VG7241RT72CHGA 1.5IN 2W 2POS NO SR CV=28.9INFO2,007.001,123.92
VG7241RT72CHGC 1.5IN 2W FLTG W/SWCH SR CV28.9INFO2,285.001,279.60
VG7241RT/74CHGA 1-1/2, 2W, CV=28.9, 2P/FLT/PROP, SR NCINFO1,936.001,084.16
VG7241RT/823C 2W NO 1 1/2" 3-7 PSI CV=28.90INFO1,785.00999.60
VG7241RT/823CP 2W 1.5"CV=28.90 3-7PSI W/POSINFO2,341.001,310.96
VG7241RT/823D 2W NO 1 1/2" 4-8PSI CV=28.90INFO1,785.00999.60
VG7241RT/823DP 2W 1.5"CV=28.90 4-8PSI W/POSINFO2,341.001,310.96
VG7241RT/823E 2W NO 1 1/2" 9-13PSI CV=28.90INFO1,785.00999.60
VG7241RT/823EP 2W 1.5"CV=28.90 9-13PSI W/POSINFO2,341.001,310.96
VG7241ST 2W 2IN NPT VALVE CV=46.2In Stock1,086.00608.16
VG7241ST71CAGA 2IN 2WAY 2POS N.O. CV=46.2INFO1,981.001,109.36
VG7241ST71CHGA 2IN 2W MOD NSR CV=46.2INFO2,014.001,127.84
VG7241ST71CHGC 2IN 2W/2POS MOD W/SWCH CV=46.2INFO1,956.001,095.36
VG7241ST/7200 2" 2WAY FLOATING NSR CV=46.2INFO1,607.00899.92
VG7241ST/7202 2" 2WAY 0-10V4-20MA/MODINFO2,161.001,210.16
VG7241ST72CHGA 2IN 2W 2POS NO SR CV=46.2INFO2,232.001,249.92
VG7241ST72CHGC 2IN 2W FLTG W/SWCH SR CV=46.2INFO2,451.001,372.56
VG7241ST/74CHGA 2, 2W, CV=46.2, 2P/FLT/PROP, SR NCINFO2,095.001,173.20
VG7241ST/823C 2W NO 2" FNPT 3-7PSI CV=46.20INFO2,067.001,157.52
VG7241ST/823CP 2W 2" CV=46.20 3-7PSI W/POSINFO2,498.001,398.88
VG7241ST/823D 2W NO 2" FNPT 4-8PSI CV=46.20INFO1,942.001,087.52
VG7241ST/823DP 2W 2" NO CV=46.20 4-8PSI W/POINFO2,498.001,398.88
VG7241ST/823E 2W NO 2" FNPT 9-13PSI CV=46.2In Stock1,942.001,087.52
VG7241ST/823EP 2W 2" CV=46.20 9-13PSI W/POSINFO2,498.001,398.88
VG7243NT 1IN 2W NO NPT CV=11.6INFO1,072.00600.32
VG7243PT 1-1/4 2 WAY VALVE STAINLESS TRIMINFO1,245.00697.20
VG7243RT NO,1-1/2", NPT29, VALVEINFO1,698.00950.88
VG7251GT+3008D NO1/2UG4.6 W/3008 4-8#INFO665.00372.40
VG7441CT 2W 1/2IN NPT NC CV=0.73INFO296.00165.76
VG7441CT/423A 2W 1/2 CV=0.73 SR NC FLOATINGINFO1,047.00586.32
VG7441CT/423B 2W 1/2 CV=0.73 SR NC 2-POSINFO944.00528.64
VG7441CT/423G 2W 1/2 CV=0.73 SR NC PROPINFO1,322.00740.32
VG7441CT/7150 2W 1/2 CV=0.73 NSR FLOATINGINFO681.00381.36
VG7441CT/7152 2W 1/2 CV=0.73 NSR PROPINFO904.00506.24
VG7441CT/3008B 0.5" 2W NPT NC CV=0.73INFO523.00292.88
VG7441CT/3008B-P 0.5" 2W NPT NC W/POS CV=0.73INFO1,228.00687.68
VG7441CT/3008D 2W 1/2" FNPT NC 4-8PSI CV0.73INFO523.00292.88
VG7441CT/3008DP 1/2" 2W NC FNPT 4-8PSI CV=.73INFO1,228.00687.68
VG7441CT/3008E 2W 1/2" FNPT NC 9-13 PSIINFO523.00292.88
VG7441CT/3008E-P 2W 1/2" FNPT NC 9-13#INFO1,228.00687.68
VG7441ET 2-WAY, 1/2IN NPR, NC VALVE, 1.8 CVINFO296.00165.76
VG7441ET/423A 2W 1/2 CV=1.8 SR NC FLOATINGINFO1,047.00586.32
VG7441ET/423B 2W 1/2 CV=1.8 SR NC 2-POSINFO944.00528.64
VG7441ET/423G 2W 1/2 CV=1.8 SR NC PROPINFO1,322.00740.32
VG7441ET/7150 2W 1/2 CV=1.8 NSR FLOATINGINFO681.00381.36
VG7441ET/7152 2W 1/2 CV=1.8 NSR PROPINFO935.00523.60
VG7441ET/3008B 0.5" 2W NPT NC CV=1.8INFO523.00292.88
VG7441ET/3008B-P 0.5" 2W NPT NC W/POS CV=1.8INFO1,228.00687.68
VG7441ET/3008D 2W 1/2" FNPT NC 4-8 PSIINFO523.00292.88
VG7441ET/3008DP 1/2" 2W NC FNPT 4-8 PSIINFO1,228.00687.68
VG7441ET/3008E 2W 1/2" FNPT NC 9-13 PSIINFO560.00313.60
VG7441ET/3008EP 1/2" 2-WAY FNPT CV=1.8INFO1,228.00687.68
VG7441GT 2W 1/2IN NPT NC VALVE CV=4.6INFO298.00166.88
VG7441GT/423A 2W 1/2 CV=4.6 SR NC FLOATINGINFO1,048.00586.88
VG7441GT/423B 2W 1/2 CV=4.6 SR NC 2-POSINFO945.00529.20
VG7441GT/423G 2W 1/2 CV=4.6 SR NC PROPINFO1,323.00740.88
VG7441GT/7150 2W 1/2 CV=4.6 NSR FLOATINGINFO681.00381.36
VG7441GT/7152 2W 1/2 CV=4.6 NSR PROPINFO905.00506.80
VG7441GT/3008B 0.5" 2W NPT NC CV=4.6INFO524.00293.44
VG7441GT/3008B-P 0.5" 2W NPT NC W/POS CV=4.6INFO1,229.00688.24
VG7441GT/3008D 2W 1/2" FNPT NC 4-8 PSIINFO562.00314.72
VG7441GT/3008DP 1/2" 2W NC FNPT 4-8 PSIINFO1,229.00688.24
VG7441GT/3008E 1/2" 2W NC FNPT 9-13PSIINFO562.00314.72
VG7441GT/3008E-P 1/2" 2-WAY FNPT CV=4.6INFO1,229.00688.24
VG7441LT 2W 3/4IN NPT NC VALVE CV=7.3INFO431.00241.36
VG7441LT/423A 2W 3/4 CV=7.3 SR NC FLOATINGINFO1,154.00646.24
VG7441LT/423B 2W 3/4 CV=7.3 SR NC 2-POSINFO1,050.00588.00
VG7441LT/423G 2W 3/4 CV=7.3 SR NC PROPINFO1,427.00799.12
VG7441LT/7150 2W 3/4 CV=7.3 NSR FLOATINGINFO785.00439.60
VG7441LT/7152 2W 3/4 CV=7.3 NSR PROPINFO1,009.00565.04
VG7441LT/3008B 0.75" 2W NPT NC CV=7.3INFO627.00351.12
VG7441LT/3008B-P 0.75" 2W FNPT NC W/POS 3-6PSIINFO1,331.00745.36
VG7441LT/3008D 2W 3/4" FNPT NC 4-8 PSIINFO627.00351.12
VG7441LT/3008DP 3/4" 2W FNPT NC W/POS 4-8PSIINFO1,331.00745.36
VG7441LT/3008E 2W 3/4" FNPT NC 9-13 PSIINFO675.00378.00
VG7441LT/3008EP 3/4" 2W NC FNPT W/POS 9-13PSIINFO1,331.00745.36
VG7441NT 2W 1IN NPT NC VALVE CV=11.6INFO538.00301.28
VG7441NT/423A 2W 1 CV=11.6 SR NC FLOATINGINFO1,261.00706.16
VG7441NT/423B 2W 1 CV=11.6 SR NC 2-POSINFO1,158.00648.48
VG7441NT/423G 2W 1 CV=11.6 SR NC PROPINFO1,653.00925.68
VG7441NT/7150 2W 1 CV=11.6 NSR FLOATINGINFO892.00499.52
VG7441NT/7152 2W 1 CV=11.6 NSR PROPINFO1,118.00626.08
VG7441NT/3008B 1" 2W NPT NC CV=11.6INFO741.00414.96
VG7441NT/3008BP 1" 2W NC FNPT W/POS 3-6PSIINFO1,445.00809.20
VG7441NT/3008D 2W 1" FNPT NC 4-8 PSIINFO734.00411.04
VG7441NT/3008DP 1" 2W NC FNPT W/POS 4-8PSIINFO1,440.00806.40
VG7441NT/3008E 1" 2W NC CV=11.6INFO794.00444.64
VG7441NT/3008EP 1" 2W NC FNPT W/POS 9-13PSIINFO1,445.00809.20
VG7441NT/3DAGA 1" 3W 2POS NPT CV=11.6INFO2,409.001,349.04
VG7441NT/822C 2W NC 1" FNPT CV=11.60 3-7PSIINFO1,496.00837.76
VG7441NT/822CP 2W 1" CV=11.60 3-7PSI W/POSINFO2,052.001,149.12
VG7441NT/822D 2W NC 1" FNPT CV=11.60 4-8PSIINFO1,496.00837.76
VG7441NT/822DP 2W 1" CV=11.60 4-8PSI W/POSINFO2,052.001,149.12
VG7441NT/822E 2W NC 1"FNPT CV=11.60 9-13PSIINFO1,663.00931.28
VG7441NT/822EP 2W 1" CV=11.60 9-13PSI W/POSINFO2,219.001,242.64
VG7441PT 2W 1.25IN NPT VALVE CV=18.5INFO743.00416.08
VG7441PT/423A 2W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 SR NC FLOATINGINFO1,443.00808.08
VG7441PT/423B 2W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 SR NC 2-POSINFO1,340.00750.40
VG7441PT/423G 2W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 SR NC PROPINFO1,849.001,035.44
VG7441PT/7150 2W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 NSR FLOATINGINFO1,071.00599.76
VG7441PT/7152 2W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 NSR PROPINFO1,397.00782.32
VG7441PT/72CHGA 2W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 SR NO 2P/FLOAT/PROPINFO1,824.001,021.44
VG7441PT/74CHGA 2W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 SR NC 2P/FLOAT/PROPINFO1,824.001,021.44
VG7441PT/822C 2W NC 1" FNPT CV=18.50 3-7PSIINFO1,674.00937.44
VG7441PT/822CP 2W 1 1/4" CV=18.5 3-7PSI W/POINFO2,231.001,249.36
VG7441PT/822D 2W 1 1/4"FNPT CV=18.50 4-8PSIINFO1,674.00937.44
VG7441PT/822DP 2W 1 1/4"CV=18.5 4-8PSI W/POSINFO2,231.001,249.36
VG7441PT/822E 2W 1 1/4"FNPT CV=18.50 9-13PSINFO1,841.001,030.96
VG7441PT/822EP 2W 1 1/4"CV=18.5 9-13PSI W/POINFO2,399.001,343.44
VG7441RT 1 1/2IN PDO GLOBE VALVE N/CINFO1,009.00565.04
VG7441RT/7200 2W 1-1/2 CV=28.9 NSR FLOATINGINFO1,544.00864.64
VG7441RT/7202 2W 1-1/2 CV=28.9 NSR PROPINFO2,097.001,174.32
VG7441RT/72CHGA 2W 1-1/2 CV=28.9 SR NO 2P/FLOAT/PROPINFO2,183.001,222.48
VG7441RT/74CHGA 2W 1-1/2 CV=28.9 SR NC 2P/FLOAT/PROPINFO2,183.001,222.48
VG7441RT/823DP 2W 1.5IN CV=28.90 4-8PSI W/POSINFO2,433.001,362.48
VG7441RT/823C 2W 1.5"FNPT CV=28.90 3-7PSIINFO1,878.001,051.68
VG7441RT/823CP 2W 1.5"CV=28.90 3-7PSI W/POSINFO2,433.001,362.48
VG7441RT/823D 2W 1.5"FNPT CV=28.90 4-8PSIINFO1,878.001,051.68
VG7441RT/823E 2W 1.5" FNPT CV=28.90 9-13PSIINFO1,997.001,118.32
VG7441RT/823EP 2W 1.5" CV-28.90 9-13PSI W/POINFO2,433.001,362.48
VG7441ST 2W 2IN NPT VALVE CV=46.2INFO1,181.00661.36
VG7441ST/7200 2W 2 CV=46.2 NSR FLOATINGINFO1,728.00967.68
VG7441ST/7202 2W 2 CV=46.2 NSR PROPINFO2,279.001,276.24
VG7441ST/72CHGA 2W 2 CV=46.2 SR NC 2P/FLOAT/PROPINFO2,384.001,335.04
VG7441ST/74CHGA 2W 2 CV=46.2 SR NO 2P/FLOAT/PROPINFO2,384.001,335.04
VG7441ST/823C 2W NC 2" FNPT CV=46.20 3-7PSIINFO2,059.001,153.04
VG7441ST/823D 2W NC 2" FNPT CV=46.20 4-8PSIINFO2,059.001,153.04
VG7441ST/823DP 2W 2" CV=46.20 4-8PSI W/POSINFO2,616.001,464.96
VG7441ST/823E 2W NC 2"FNPT CV=46.20 9-13PSIINFO2,196.001,229.76
VG7441ST/832E01 2W NC 2FNPT CV=46.20 9-13PSI, W/POSITIONERINFO2,791.001,562.96
VG7441ST/823EP 2W 2" CV=46.20 9-13PSI W/POSINFO2,616.001,464.96
VG7443CT 1/2IN 2-WAY NC S. STEEL TRIMINFO892.00499.52
VG7443CT/3008E 1/2" FNTP CV=0.73INFO1,043.00584.08
VG7842CT 3W 1/2IN MIXING VALVE, 0.73 CVINFO317.00177.52
VG7842CT/423A 3W 1/2 CV=0.73 SR UP FLOATINGINFO1,065.00596.40
VG7842CT/423B 3W 1/2 CV=0.73 SR UP 2-POSINFO962.00538.72
VG7842CT/423G 3W 1/2 CV=0.73 SR UP PROPINFO1,340.00750.40
VG7842CT/3008B 0.5" 3W NPT CV=0.73INFO542.00303.52
VG7842CT/3008B-P 0.5" 3W W/POS NPT CV=0.73INFO1,246.00697.76
VG7842CT/3008D 1/2",3W,MIX,0.73CV,4-8#SPRINFO583.00326.48
VG7842CT/3008DP 1/2" 3W FNPT W/POS 4-8PSIINFO1,246.00697.76
VG7842CT/3008E 3W 1/2" FNPT 9-13 PSI CV=.73INFO542.00303.52
VG7842CT/3008EP 1/2" 3W FNPT W/POS 9-13 PSIINFO1,246.00697.76
VG7842CT/3UAGA 0.5" 3W 2POS NPT CV=0.73INFO2,170.001,215.20
VG7842CT/7150 0.5" 3W FLOATING NSR CV=0.73INFO744.00416.64
VG7842CT/7152 0.5" 3W MOD NSR CV=0.73INFO923.00516.88
VG7842CT71CAGA 0.5IN 3W 2POS NSR CV=0.73INFO1,307.00731.92
VG7842CT71CAGC 0.5IN 3W 2POS NSR W/SWCH CV=.73INFO1,281.00717.36
VG7842CT71CHGA 0.5IN 3W MOD NSR CV=0.73INFO1,341.00750.96
VG7842CT71CHGC 0.5IN 3W2POS MOD W/SWCH CV=.73INFO1,283.00718.48
VG7842CT72CHGA 0.5IN 3W 2POS SR CV=0.73INFO1,501.00840.56
VG7842CT72CHGC 0.53W FLTG W/SWCH SR CV=0.73INFO1,776.00994.56
VG7842ET 3W 1/2IN NPT VALVE CV=1.8INFO327.00183.12
VG7842ET+3008D 3-WAY 1/2" N.O. CV=1.8 4-6#INFO663.00371.28
VG7842ET/423A 3W 1/2" CV=1.8 FLTG 24VACINFO1,064.00595.84
VG7842ET/423B 3W 1/2 CV=1.8 SR UP 2-POSINFO961.00538.16
VG7842ET/423G 3W 1/2 CV=1.8 SR UP PROPINFO1,339.00749.84
VG7842ET/3008B 0.5" 3W NPT CV=1.8INFO540.00302.40
VG7842ET/3008B-P 0.5" 3W W/POS NPT CV=1.8INFO971.00543.76
VG7842ET/3008DP 1/2" 3-WAY FNPT CV=1.8INFO1,245.00697.20
VG7842ET/3008E 3W 1/2" FNPT 9-13PSI CV=1.80INFO582.00325.92
VG7842ET/3008E-P 3W 1/2" FNPT 9-13#INFO1,052.00589.12
VG7842ET/3UAGA 0.5" 3W 2POS NPT CV=1.8INFO2,168.001,214.08
VG7842ET/7150 0.5 IN 3W FLOATING NSR CV=1.8INFO737.00412.72
VG7842ET/7152 0.5" 3WAY MOD NSR CV=1.8INFO991.00554.96
VG7842ET71CAGA 0.5IN 3W 2POS NPT NSR CV=1.8INFO1,305.00730.80
VG7842ET71CAGC 0.5IN 3W 2POS NSR W/SWCH CV=1.8INFO1,280.00716.80
VG7842ET71CHGA 0.5IN 3W MOD NSR CV=1.8INFO1,340.00750.40
VG7842ET71CHGC 0.5IN 3W2POS MOD W/SWCH CV=1.8INFO1,282.00717.92
VG7842ET72CHGA 0.5IN 3W 2POS SR CV=1.8INFO1,540.00862.40
VG7842GT 3W 1/2 IN NPT VALVE CV = 4.6In Stock328.00183.68
VG7842GT/423A 3W 1/2 CV=4.6 SR UP FLOATINGINFO1,065.00596.40
VG7842GT/423B 3W 1/2 CV=4.6 SR UP 2-POSINFO962.00538.72
VG7842GT/423G 3W 1/2 CV=4.6 SR UP PROPINFO1,340.00750.40
VG7842GT/3008B 0.5" 3W 2POS NPT CV=4.6INFO583.00326.48
VG7842GT/3008B-P 0.5" 3W W/POS NPT CV=4.6INFO1,246.00697.76
VG7842GT/3008D 3WAY 1/2" 4-8 PSI CV=4.6INFO583.00326.48
VG7842GT/3008DP 1/2" 3-WAY FNPT CV=4.6INFO1,246.00697.76
VG7842GT/3008E 1/2" 3-WAY FNPT CV= 4.6In Stock542.00303.52
VG7842GT/3008EP 1/2" 3W FNPT 9-13 PSIINFO1,246.00697.76
VG7842GT/3UAGA 0.5" 3W 2POS NPT CV=4.6INFO2,170.001,215.20
VG7842GT/7150 0.5" 3WAY FLOATING NSR CV=4.6In Stock699.00391.44
VG7842GT/7152 0.5" 3WAY MOD NSR CV=4.6INFO992.00555.52
VG7842GT71CAGA 0.5IN 3W 2POS NPT NSR CV=4.6INFO1,307.00731.92
VG7842GT71CAGC 0.5IN 3W 2POS W/SWCH CV=4.6INFO1,281.00717.36
VG7842GT71CHGA 0.5IN 3W MOD NSR CV=4.6INFO1,341.00750.96
VG7842GT71CHGC 0.5IN 3W2POS MOD W/SWCH CV=4.6INFO1,283.00718.48
VG7842GT72CHGA 0.5IN 3W 2POS SR CV=4.6INFO1,501.00840.56
VG7842LT 3W 3/4IN NPT VALVE CV = 7.3INFO473.00264.88
VG7842LT/3008EP 3W 3/4 CV=7.3, 9-13 PSI W/POS NCINFO1,369.00766.64
VG7842LT/423A 3W 3/4 CV=7.3 SR UP FLOATINGINFO1,190.00666.40
VG7842LT/423B 3W 3/4 CV=7.3 SR UP 2-POSINFO1,166.00652.96
VG7842LT/423G 3W 3/4 CV=7.3 SR UP PROPINFO1,466.00820.96
VG7842LT/3008B 0.75" 3W NPT CV=7.3INFO662.00370.72
VG7842LT/3008B-P 0.75" 3W W/POS NPT CV=7.3INFO1,369.00766.64
VG7842LT/3008D 3/4",3W,MIX,7.3CV,4-8 SPRINFO716.00400.96
VG7842LT/3008DP 3/4" 3W FNPT 4-8 PSI CV=7.30INFO1,369.00766.64
VG7842LT/3008E 3/4" 3W FNPT CV=7.3INFO662.00370.72
VG7842LT/3DAGA 0.75" 3W 2POS NPT CV=7.3INFO2,296.001,285.76
VG7842LT/3UAGA 0.75" 3W 2POS NPT CV=7.3INFO2,296.001,285.76
VG7842LT/7150 0.75" 3W FLOATING NSR CV=7.3INFO821.00459.76
VG7842LT/7152 0.75" 3WAY 0-10V 4-20MA/MODINFO1,046.00585.76
VG7842LT71CAGA 0.75IN 3W 2POS NSR CV=7.3INFO1,434.00803.04
VG7842LT71CAGC 0.75IN 3W2POS NSR W/SWCH CV=7.3INFO1,403.00785.68
VG7842LT71CHGA 0.75IN 3W2POS NSR W/SWCH CV=7.3INFO1,471.00823.76
VG7842LT71CHGC 0.75IN 3W 2POS MODW/SWCH CV=7.3INFO1,412.00790.72
VG7842LT72CHGA 0.75IN 3W 2POS NPT SR CV=7.3INFO1,628.00911.68
VG7842LT72CHGC 0.75IN 3WFLTG W/SWCH SR CV-7.3INFO1,905.001,066.80
VG7842NT 3W 1IN NPT VALVE CV = 11.6INFO584.00327.04
VG7842NT/3008DP 1" 3W FNPT W/POS 4-8 PSIINFO1,616.00904.96
VG7842NT/423A 3W 1 CV=11.6 SR UP FLOATINGINFO1,304.00730.24
VG7842NT/423B 3W 1 CV=11.6 SR UP 2-POSINFO1,198.00670.88
VG7842NT/423G 3W 1 CV=11.6 SR UP PROPINFO1,578.00883.68
VG7842NT/3008B 1" 3W NPT CV=11.6INFO781.00437.36
VG7842NT/3008B-P 1" 3W W/POS NPT CV=11.6INFO1,486.00832.16
VG7842NT/3008D 3W 1" 4-8PSI CV=11.6INFO775.00434.00
VG7842NT/3008E 1" 3-WAY FNPT CV=11.6INFO781.00437.36
VG7842NT/3008EP 1" 3W FNPT W/POS 9-13 PSIINFO1,486.00832.16
VG7842NT/3UAGA 1" 3W 2POS NPT CV=11.6INFO2,409.001,349.04
VG7842NT/7150 1" 3W FLOATING NSR CV=11.6INFO993.00556.08
VG7842NT/7152 1" 3W MOD NSR CV=11.6INFO1,159.00649.04
VG7842NT71CAGA 1IN 3W NPT 2POS NSR CV=11.6INFO1,551.00868.56
VG7842NT71CAGC 1IN 3W 2POS NSR W/SWCH CV=11.6INFO1,516.00848.96
VG7842NT71CHGA 1IN 3W 2POS NSR W/SWCH CV=11.6INFO1,586.00888.16
VG7842NT71CHGC 1IN 3W 2POS MOD W/SWCH CV=11.6INFO1,531.00857.36
VG7842NT/7200 1" 3W FLOATING NSR CV=11.6INFO1,195.00669.20
VG7842NT/7202 1" 3W MOD NSR CV=11.6INFO1,757.00983.92
VG7842NT72CHGA 1IN 3W 2POS NPT SR CV=11.6INFO1,745.00977.20
VG7842NT72CHGC 1IN 3W FLTG W/SWCH SR CV=11.6INFO2,024.001,133.44
VG7842NT/822C 3W 1" FNPT CV=11.60 3-7PSIINFO1,536.00860.16
VG7842NT/822CP 3W1"CV=11.60 3-7PSI W/POSINFO2,092.001,171.52
VG7842NT/822D 3W 1" FNPT CV=11.60 4-8 PSIINFO1,536.00860.16
VG7842NT/822DP 3W 1" CV=11.60 4-8 PSI W/POSINFO2,092.001,171.52
VG7842NT/822E 3W 1" FNPT CV=11.60 9-13 PSIINFO1,704.00954.24
VG7842NT/822EP 3W 1" CV=11.60 9-13PSI W/POSINFO2,261.001,266.16
VG7842PT+3008D 3W 1-1/4" 4-8 PSI CV=18.5INFO1,172.00656.32
VG7842PT/423A 3W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 SR UP FLOATINGINFO1,608.00900.48
VG7842PT/423B 3W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 SR UP 2-POSINFO1,504.00842.24
VG7842PT/423G 3W 1-1/4 CV=18.5 SR UP PROPINFO1,882.001,053.92
VG7842PT/3DAGA 1.25" 3W 2POS NPT CV-18.5INFO2,715.001,520.40
VG7842PT/3UAGA 1.25" 3W 2POS NPT CV=18.5INFO2,715.001,520.40
VG7842PT/7150 1.25" 3W FLOATING NSR CV=18.5INFO1,231.00689.36
VG7842PT/7152 1.25" 3W MOD NSR CV=18.5INFO1,466.00820.96
VG7842PT71CAGA 1.25IN 3W NPT 2POS CV=18.5INFO1,867.001,045.52
VG7842PT71CAGC 1.25IN 3W2POS W/SWCH CV=18.5INFO1,815.001,016.40
VG7842PT71CHGA 1.25IN 3W2POS NSR MOD CV=18.5INFO1,903.001,065.68
VG7842PT71CHGC 1.25IN 3W2POS MODWSWCH CV=18.5INFO1,846.001,033.76
VG7842PT/7200G 1.25" 3W FLOATING NSR CV=18.5INFO1,500.00840.00
VG7842PT/7202G 1.25" 3WAY MOD NSR CV=18.5INFO2,056.001,151.36
VG7842PT72CHGA 1.25IN 3W 2POS NPT SR CV=18.5INFO2,063.001,155.28
VG7842PT72CHGC 1.25IN 3WFLTG W/SWCH SR CV18.5INFO2,338.001,309.28
VG7842PT/822C 3W 1 1/4"FNPT CV=18.50 3-7PSIINFO1,835.001,027.60
VG7842PT/822CP 3W 1 1/4"CV=18.50 3-7PSI W/POINFO2,392.001,339.52
VG7842PT/822D 3W 1 1/4" FNPT CV=18.5 4-8PSIINFO1,835.001,027.60
VG7842PT/822DP 3W 1 1/4" CV=18.50 4-8PSI W/PINFO2,392.001,339.52
VG7842PT/822E 3W 1 1/4"FNPT CV=18.5 9-13PSIINFO2,004.001,122.24
VG7842PT/822EP 3W 1 1/4"CV=18.50 9-13PSI W/PINFO2,560.001,433.60
VG7842RT 3W 1-1/2IN NPT VALVE CV = 28.9INFO1,130.00632.80
VG7842RT/74CHGA 3W 1-1/2 CV=28.9 SR DOWN 2P/FLOAT/PROPINFO2,135.001,195.60
VG7842RT/3DAGA 1.5" 3W 2POS NPT CV=28.9INFO2,863.001,603.28
VG7842RT/3UAGA 1.5" 3W 2POS NPT CV=28.9INFO2,863.001,603.28
VG7842RT71CAGA 1.5IN 3W NPT 2POS NSR CV=28.9INFO2,020.001,131.20
VG7842RT71CAGC 1.5IN3W 2POS NSR CV=28.9 W/SWCINFO1,959.001,097.04
VG7842RT71CHGA 1.5IN 3W 2POS MOD NSR CV=28.9INFO2,055.001,150.80
VG7842RT71CHGC 1.5IN 3W2POS MOD W/SWCH CV=28.9INFO1,997.001,118.32
VG7842RT/7200 1.5" 3W FLOATING NSR CV=28.9INFO1,647.00922.32
VG7842RT/7202 1.5" 3W MOD NSR CV=28.9INFO2,199.001,231.44
VG7842RT72CHGA 1.5IN 3W 2POS NPT SR CV=28.9INFO2,214.001,239.84
VG7842RT72CHGC 1.5IN 3WFLTG W/SWCH SR CV=28.9INFO2,492.001,395.52
VG7842RT/823C 3W 1.5" FNPT CV=28.90 3-7PSIINFO2,110.001,181.60
VG7842RT/823CP 3W 1.5" 3-7PSI W/POS CV=28.90INFO2,535.001,419.60
VG7842RT/823D 3W 1.5" FNPT CV=28.90 4-8PSIINFO2,110.001,181.60
VG7842RT/823E 3W 1.5" FNPT CV=28.90 9-13PSIINFO2,110.001,181.60
VG7842RT/823EP 3W 1.5" FNPT CV=28.90 9-13PSIINFO2,535.001,419.60
VG7842ST 3W 2IN NPT VALVE CV = 46.2INFO1,416.00792.96
VG7842ST+3008B 3W2IN NPT46W/3000 3-6#INFO2,146.001,201.76
VG7842ST/74CHGA 3W 2 CV=46.2 SR DOWN 2P/FLOAT/PROPINFO2,559.001,433.04
VG7842ST/823CP 3W 2 CV=46.2, 3-7 PSI W/POS SR UPINFO2,777.001,555.12
VG7842ST/823DP 3W 2 CV=46.2, 4-8 PSI W/POS SR UPINFO2,777.001,555.12
VG7842ST/3DAGA 2" 3W 2POS NPT CV=46.2INFO3,109.001,741.04
VG7842ST/3UAGA 2" 3W 2POS NPT CV=46.2INFO3,109.001,741.04
VG7842ST71CAGA 2IN 3W NPT 2POS NSR CV=46.2INFO2,274.001,273.44
VG7842ST71CAGC 2IN 3W NPT 2POS W/SWCH CV=46.2INFO2,201.001,232.56
VG7842ST71CHGA 2IN 3W NSR MOD CV=46.2INFO2,310.001,293.60
VG7842ST71CHGC 2IN 3W 2POS MOD W/SWCH CV=46.2INFO2,252.001,261.12
VG7842ST/7200 2" 3W FLOATING NSR CV=46.2INFO1,892.001,059.52
VG7842ST/7202 2" 3WAY MOD NSR CV=46.2INFO2,441.001,366.96
VG7842ST72CHGA 2IN 3W 2POS NPT SR CV=46.2INFO2,468.001,382.08
VG7842ST72CHGC 2IN 3WFLTG W/SWCH SR CV=46.2INFO2,746.001,537.76
VG7842ST/823C 3W 2" FNPT CV=46.20 3-7PSIINFO2,221.001,243.76
VG7842ST/823D 3W 2" FNPT CV=46.20 4-8PSIINFO2,221.001,243.76
VG7842ST823E 3W 2" FNPT CV=46.20 9-13PSIINFO2,372.001,328.32
VG7842ST/823EP 3W 2" CV=46.20 9-13PSI W/POSINFO2,777.001,555.12
VGA8A2GT/3008E 3W 1/2IN AIR VALVEINFO1,061.00594.16
VGA8B2GT+3008E 3W 1/2 AIR VALVE & ACTUATORINFO1,999.001,119.44
VK-7213-203-4-04 PNEU 2W 1/2" N.O. CV=3.6INFO403.00225.68
VP526A1001 PNEUMATIC VALVEINFO638.00357.28
VP526A1100 3/8 IN VALVE W/ 1.0 CVINFO638.00357.28


No accessories found
  • Wide actuator selection, electric and pneumatic
  • Corrosion protection with brass and optional SS trim
  • Equal percentage and linear characteristics
  • Longevity with over one million cycles tested
  • Serviceability with in-place valve repacking

Size:1/2" to 2" FNPT

Cv Range:0.73 to 46.2

Stroke:5/16" (8 mm): 1/2" and 3/4" valves

1/2" (13 mm): 1" and 1-1/4" valves:

3/4″ (19 mm): 1-1/2" and 2" valves:

Flow Characteristic:Two-way equal percentage; three-way linear

Rangeability:25:1 per EN 60534-2-4

Leakage Rating:Brass trim: ANSI Class IV, 0.01% of maximum flow per ANSI/FCI 70-2; stainless trim: 0.05% of maximum flow

Maximum Closeoff Pressure:Actuator dependant, see Ordering Information

Pressure Drop:Maximum recommended pressure drop for water is 35 psid (241 kPa) for 1/2" to 1-1/4" valves, 30 psid for 1-1/2" and 2" valves; for steam 15 psid (103 kPa) for brass trim valves and 100 psid (690 kPa) for stainless trim valves

Maximum Pressure Rating:Brass trim with water: 400 psi (2756 kPa) up to 150℉ (66℃), decreasing to 365 psi (2515 kPa) at 248℉ (120℃);

Brass trim with steam: 35 psi (241 kPa) at 284℉ (138℃);:

Stainless trim with water: 400 psi (2756 kPa) up to 150℉ (66℃), decreasing to 308 psi (2122 kPa) at 338℉ (170℃);:

Stainless trim with steam: 100 psi (241 kPa) at 338℉ (170℃):

Pressure Rating:ANSI B16.15, Class 250 (EN 12360)

Materials Of Construction:Cast bronze body, stainless steel stem, brass trim models have brass plug, elastomer disc seat and rubber (EPR packing), stainless trim models have stainless plug/seat and spring-loaded PTFE/elastomer V-ring packing

Media Compatibility:Hot or chilled water; <50% glycol; steam 35 psig (Fluid Group 1 according to 67/548/EEC)

Media Temperature Range:Water: 35° to 248℉ (2° to 120℃);

Steam: maximum 338℉ (170℃) (actuator dependant), 35 psig:

Actuator Mounting:Threaded mounting collar

Compatible Actuators:Electric VA-7000 or VA-4233 Series shown on following pages; pneumatic see V-3000, MP800 Series in PNEUMATICS & FITTINGS catalog section.

Operating Temperature:Actuator dependent, refer to following pages for specifications

Approvals:Actuator dependent, refer to following pages for specifications

Warranty:1 year