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The Schneider Electric VBB/VBS Ball Valves Series are interchangeable valves and valve actuators, making it simple to implement upgrades and accommodate building system changes. As assemblies, the SmartX Valve Actuators and VBB/VBS Ball Valves Series gives users the freedom and flexibility to easily optimize and precisely control a wide variety of applications. They also accept floating and proportional control signals from a DDC system, controller, or thermostat for control of hot or chilled water, and solutions of up to 60% glycol. This makes them ideal for installation in VAV re-heat, fan-coil, and unit ventilation applications. The VBB/VBS Series proportional actuators allow easy configuration of control signals via Dip Switch. Dip Switches are accessed conveniently through an easy to open access hatch on the side of the actuator, eliminating the need to remove the cover of the actuator. Kele is the leading supplier of building automation products. When you need the right product, right now, count on Kele.


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  • Engineered as a complete ball valve assembly, the VBB/VBS series of valves and SmartX actuators are designed to be interchangeable and easily configured in the field. The VBB/VBS series ensures valve and actuator compatibility and the easiest possible installation as well as configuration of control signals via dip switches. This powerful duo delivers the best of both worlds; a unique, low force valve design and a compact actuator that together create a solution that truly speaks to customer needs.


Voltage :24 Vac for floating and proportional

 :110…230 Vac for two position multi-voltage types

Power Requirements:See Table-1, Table-2, and Table-3. in Datasheet

Control Signal :2-Position, Floating, or Proportional; half wave rectified power supply

Timing, Full Open to Full Close :See Table-1, Table-2 and Table-3. in Datasheet

Manual Operating Lever / Position Indicator :Standard on all models.

Auxiliary End Switch (optional):SPST 24 Vac/Vdc, 101 mA…5 A max.

Materials :Thermoplastic base and cover. Approved for use in air plenums.

Shipping & Storage Temperature Limit:-40…169 °F (-40…76°C).

Operating Temperature Limit at max fluid temp.:

 :Floating 32…140 °F (0…60 °C)

 :Proportional 32…140 °F (0…60 °C)

 :Two-Position 32…169 °F (0…76°C)

 :Humidity 5…95% relative humidity, noncondensing.

Locations:NEMA 2, IEC IP31. Indoor Use Only.

Seat Material :PTFE.

Characterized Insert:Glass-filled PEEK.


Size:1/2″, 3/4″ (2 way or 3 way)

Service:Hot and chilled water, up…60% glycol.

System Static Pressure Limit:600 psi (4137 kPa).

Fluid Temperature Limit :20…250°F (-7…121°C).

Cv (Kv) :See Table-4, Table-5, Table-6, and Table-7. in Datasheet

Close-off Pressure:130 psi Two-Way; 70 psi Three-Way

Differential Pressure :30 psi normal operation

 :20 psi quiet operation.

Seat Leakage :ANSI class IV (0.01%) at both A and B ports with pressure at inlet.

End Connections :NPT threaded (VBxxNxx) and Rp threaded (VBxxRxx).

Rangeability :Greater than 300:1.

Body Material :Forged brass.

Stem Material :Stainless steel anti-blow out stem with dual Viton™ o-rings.

Ball Material :Chrome plated brass (VBB series) or stainless steel (VBS series).

Approvals:UL, cULus, RoHS, REACH