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RA2000 Series

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RA2000 Series

Thermostatic Radiator Valves RA2000 Series

Thermostatic Radiator Valves


Danfoss RA2000 Series thermostatic radiator valves regulate the flow of hot water or low pressure steam through free-standing radiators, baseboards or convectors. Valve bodies and actuators are packaged separately to allow the installer to select a suitable combination for each application.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
013G0140 STEAM VALVE 1/8 IN W/VAC BRK INFO196.00156.80
013G0290 RA2000 VALVE PACKING GLAND INFO41.0032.80
013G2922 DIAL OP VLV MNT REM SENS 6FT INFO206.00164.80
013G5467 FLT ACT 24V 96SEC 53INLB AUX INFO602.00481.60
013G8013 1/2 IN CV=1.6 SIDE MT ANGLE INFO100.0080.00
013G8014 1/2 IN CV=1.6 ANGLE MOUNT INFO100.0080.00
013G8015 1/2 IN CV=1.6 STRAIGHT MOUNT In Stock100.0080.00
013G8018 3/4 IN CV=2.1 SIDE MT ANGLE In Stock109.0087.20
013G8019 3/4 IN CV=2.1 ANGLE MOUNT In Stock113.0090.40
013G8020 3/4 IN CV=2.1 STRAIGHT MOUNT In Stock109.0087.20
013G8023 1 IN CV=2.8 SIDE MT ANGLE INFO159.00127.20
013G8024 1 IN CV=2.8 ANGLE MOUNT INFO164.00131.20
013G8025 1 IN CV=2.8 STRAIGHT MOUNT In Stock164.00131.20
013G8030 1-1/4 IN CV=2.8 SIDE MT ANGLE INFO278.00222.40
013G8031 1-1/4 IN CV=2.8 ANGLE MOUNT INFO278.00222.40
013G8032 1-1/4 IN CV=2.8 STRT MOUNT INFO278.00222.40
013G8042 1/2 IN CV=1.6 SOLDER STRT MT INFO145.00116.00
013G8044 3/4 IN CV=2.1 SOLDER STRT MT In Stock154.00123.20
013G8072 RAV VLV ADAPT FOR RA2000 OP INFO141.00112.80
013G8240 VLV MNT DIAL/SENS NON-TAMP In Stock141.00112.80
013G8250 VLV MNT DIAL/SENSOR BUILT-IN In Stock110.0088.00
013G8252 VLV MNT DIAL REMOTE SENSOR In Stock155.00124.00
013G8562 WALL MT DIAL/SENSOR 6FT CAP INFO225.00180.00
013G8565 WALL MT DIAL/SENSOR 16FT CAP INFO247.00197.60
013G8568 WALL MT DIAL/SENSOR 26FT CAP INFO325.00260.00
065B8962 3 IN 3W FLG CV=175 MIX VLV INFO1,888.001,510.40
065B8963 4 IN 3W FLG CV=265 MIX VLV INFO2,859.002,287.20
065F8950 2 IN DIN FLANGE INFO66.0052.80
065F8951 2 IN DIN FLANGE GASKET INFO18.0014.40
065F8953 FLT ACT 24V 50SEC 135 IN-LB INFO915.00732.00
082F1111 ACT 24V/0-10VDC/96SEC 53INLB AUX INFO455.00364.00
082F8961 2-1/2 IN DIN FLANGE INFO80.0064.00
082F8962 3 IN DIN FLANGE INFO129.00103.20
082F8963 4 IN DIN FLANGE INFO150.00120.00
082F8964 5 IN DIN FLANGE INFO201.00160.80
082F8965 6 IN DIN FLANGE INFO234.00187.20
082F8966 2-1/2 IN DIN FLANGE GASKET INFO36.0028.80
082F8967 3 IN DIN FLANGE GASKET INFO43.0034.40
082F8968 4 IN DIN FLANGE GASKET INFO64.0051.20
082F8969 5 IN DIN FLANGE GASKET INFO63.0050.40
088H3110 ACT FOR RA VALVES NC 24VAC INFO192.00153.60
088H3111 ACT FOR RA VALVES NO 24VAC INFO192.00153.60
193B1507 2 IN 3W NPT CV=46.8 MIX VLV INFO668.00534.40
193B1531 3/4 IN 4W NPT CV=4.7 MIX VLV INFO334.00267.20
193B1534 1-1/4 IN 4W NPT CV=18.7 MIX INFO437.00349.60
193B1536 2 IN 4W NPT CV=46.8 MIX VLV INFO789.00631.20
193B1600 FLT ACT 24V 96SEC 53 IN-LB INFO544.00435.20
193B1603 FLT ACT 24V 96SEC 53INLB AUX INFO631.00504.80


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  • Thermal Actuators provide fast acting modulation for quick response and excellent comfort control
  • 24 VAC actuators provide slow, smooth control to eliminate water hammer
  • Actuators are equipped with snap-action mounting for fast installation and removal without tools
  • Valves packing gland assembly may be replaced while system is in operation to save service time
  • Plastic cap supplied to protect the valve pushpin can provide manual control of the valve during installation for easy startup

Cv Range: 1.6 to 2.8

Pipe Size Range: 1/2″ to 1-1/4″

Maximum Pressure Rating:Test pressure 232 psig (1600 kPa)

Maximum Pressure: Water 145 psig (1000 kPa), steam 15 psig (103 kPa)

Media Compatibility: Hot water and low pressure steam

Media Temperature Range:Maximum 250℉ (121℃) for water or steam

Setpoint Range:Adjustable 45 to 86℉ (7 to 30℃)

Operating Temperature:Maximum sensor temperature 140℉ (60℃)

Connections: FPT x MPT union tailpiece or double solder union (1/2″ and 3/4″ straight bodies only)

Body Pattern: 2-way straight, angle or side-mount angle

Approvals: ASHRAE/ANSI Standard 102-1983

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