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ML Series

Direct-Mount Globe Valve Actuators ML Series

Direct-Mount Globe Valve Actuators


The ML6420, ML6421, ML6984, ML7420, ML7421, and ML7984 are direct-mount, electric, non-spring return globe valve actuators. The actuators are designed for use on Honeywell V5011N/13N and VGF Series globe valves. The ML6425 and ML7425 are direct-mount, electric spring return. Each globe valve actuator can be ordered pre-assembled with a valve and be easily installed in the field; separate linkages are not required. These actuators are proven performers in Building Automation Systems, BAS, and HVAC applications.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
32004629-003 ADAPTOR VG7000 1IN-2IN VALVES INFO219.00175.20
32004629-004 ADAPTOR VB7000 1/2IN-2IN VALVES INFO202.00161.60
ML6420A3049 DIRECT MOUNT ACT, 2 POS OR FLTG INFO473.00378.40
ML6421A1017 FLTG 2 POS NSR 405 IN-LB INFO643.00514.40
ML6421B1040 FLTG.2 POS.NSR 405INLB 1.5INSTRK INFO682.00545.60
ML6425B3013 24VAC FLTG/2POS/ACT/FAIL STEM UP INFO866.00692.80
ML6984A4000 FLOATING ACTUATOR In Stock448.00358.40
ML7420A3055 DIRECT MOUNT VALVE ACTUATOR In Stock597.00477.60
ML7421A1032 24 VAC MOD 2-10V NSR In Stock704.00563.20
ML7421B1023 24VAC MOD NSR 405IN-LB 4-6IN In Stock872.00697.60
ML7425A3013 24VAC MOD 2-10V ACT/FAIL STEM DOWN In Stock814.00651.20
ML7425B3012 24VAC MOD 2-10V ACT/FAIL STEM UP In Stock814.00651.20
ML7984A4009 2-10VDC, 4-20MA, ELEC ACTUATOR In Stock517.00413.60
Q5020D1007 VLV LINKAGE FOR J/C & B/C INFO657.00525.60


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Life Expectancy:50,000 full stroke cycles or 1,000,000 repositions (ML6984, ML7984)

Input Impedance:100 kΩ for 2-10 VDC input, 500Ω for 4-20 mA input (ML74xx); 20 kΩ for 2-10 VDC input, 237Ω for 4-20 mA input (ML7984)

Noise:55 dBA @ 3.3' (1m) for ML6984, ML7984 only, others not rated

Spring Return Time:12 seconds, for ML6425, ML7425 only

Manual Override:Yes, on ML6420, ML7420, ML6421, ML7421 only

Operating Temperature:14° to 122℉ (-10° to 50℃) for ML64xx, ML74xx; 32° to 132℉ (0° to 55℃) for ML6984, ML7984

Operating Humidity:5% to 95% RH non-condensing for ML64xx, ML74xx; 15% to 95% RH non-condensing for ML6984, ML7984

Approvals:UL FIle #E4436 (except ML7984/ML6984 not UL), CE

Warranty:1 year