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The Kele KVC Series includes two- and three-way, hot and chilled water control valves and fail-in-place or power-fail return electric actuators. The unique cartridge design enables the valve to be piped mixing or diverting for the three-way valve, and either flow direction for the two-way valve. Specially designed for Building Automation Systems, BAS, the actuator uses a unique twist-off mount for easy installation or servicing. These control valves are available with two-position, floating, or proportional control signals.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
40007029-002 KVC CARTRIDGE TOOL In Stock8.006.40
KVC2050N07 1/2IN VALVE 2W FNPT CV=0.7 INFO92.0073.60
KVC2050N13 1/2IN VALVE 2W FNPT CV=1.3 In Stock72.0057.60
KVC2050N29 1/2IN VALVE 2W FNPT CV=2.9 In Stock72.0057.60
KVC2050N32 1/2IN VALVE 2W FNPT CV=3.2 In Stock73.0058.40
KVC2075N47 3/4IN VALVE 2W FNPT CV=4.7 INFO110.0088.00
KVC2100N66 1IN VALVE 2W FNPT CV=6.6 In Stock155.00124.00
KVC2114 2POS ACTUATOR 3-WIRE SPDT In Stock95.0076.00
KVC2125N71 1-1/4 IN VALVE 2W FNPT CV=7.1 INFO200.00160.00
KVC3075N66 3/4IN VALVE 3W FNPT CV=6.6 In Stock117.0093.60
KVC3100N87 1IN VALVE 3W FNPT CV=8.7 In Stock178.00142.40
KVC6934 FLTG CTRL ACTUATOR 3-WIRE SPDT In Stock225.00180.00
KVC7934 MOD CONTROL ACTUATOR 2-10VDC In Stock350.00280.00
KVC7936 MOD CONTROL ACTUATOR 2-10VDC In Stock525.00420.00
KVC8114 2POS ACTUATOR 3-WIRE SPST In Stock120.0096.00
VC4011ZZ11 VC4011ZZ11 HONEYWELL INFO138.00110.40
VC8714ZZ11 VC8714ZZ11 HONEYWELL INFO133.00106.40
VCZBB3600 1/2IN VALVE 2W FNPT CV=1.3 INFO88.0070.40
VCZND6100 1-1/4IN VALVE 3W FNPT CV=9.2 INFO256.00204.80
VCZZ1100 KVC CARTRIDGE 2-WAY CV=3.2 In Stock69.0055.20
VCZZ1400 KVC CARTRIDGE 2-WAY CV=2.9 INFO51.0040.80
VCZZ1500 KVC CARTRIDGE 2-WAY, CV=0.7 INFO69.0055.20
VCZZ1600 KVC CARTRIDGE 2-WAY CV=1.3 INFO69.0055.20
VCZZ6100 KVC CARTRIDGE 3-WAY CV=3.8 In Stock59.0047.20


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  • Three-way mixing and diverting in one body
  • Two-way bi-directional flow for simple installation
  • Linear flow characteristics
  • Easily replaceable seat cartridge
  • Twist-on low power/long life actuator
  • Manual override
  • Fail-in-place or power-fail return actuator models
  • Selectable power fail return direction models

Size:1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4"

Cv:0.7, 4.7, 0.7, 2.9, 4.7, 8.7


Body Pattern:2-Way, 3-Way

Flow Characteristic:Linear

Leakage Rating:ANSI Class IV (0.01% of Rated Capacity)

Maximum Closeoff Pressure:60 psid (414 kPa)

Pressure Rating:300 psig (2069 kPa)

Materials Of Construction:Bronze valve body, stainless steel stem, Ryton® and Noryl® trim, Noryl® and Ryton® plastic actuator housing

Media Compatibility:Hot water, chilled water

Media Temperature Range:34° to 203℉ (1° to 95℃)

Supply Voltage:24 VAC @ 6 VA, 50/60 Hz

Control Signal:Two-position, floating, or proportional

Wiring:39" (99 cm) cable, 20 AWG conductors


 :2-way Stem spring up on actuator removal, stem up to close (bi-directional flow)

 :3-way Stem spring up on actuator removal, stem up closes port A, stem down closes port B

Actuator Mounting:Twist-lock mount with latch

Manual Override:Combination override lever and position indicator

Stroke Time:

 :KVCx114 6 seconds

 :KVCx93x 120 seconds


 :KVCxxx4 0.9 lb (0.39 Kg)

 :KVCxxx6 1.1 lb (0.50 Kg)


Warranty:1 year