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KOV Series

Fabric Weatherproof Cover for Globe Valve Actuators KOV Series

Fabric Weatherproof Cover for Globe Valve Actuators


The KOV Series features fabric weatherproof covers for globe valve actuators. This is an innovative and effective weather protection solution for low-voltage direct-mount globe valve actuators in Building Automation Systems, BAS, and HVAC applications. Made of heavy-duty, water repellent, acrylic woven fabric, each KOV waterproof cover provides a significant degree of protection against falling rain, sleet, snow and ice. The light color minimizes solar heat gain to keep the actuator cooler than traditional plastic or metal enclosures and the fabric breathes to prevent condensation. The actuator cover can be installed and removed in seconds and is available in four sizes to fit many popular globe valve direct-mount actuators.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
KOV-1 NEMA 3R FABRIC WEATHER SHIELD 6"X7" In Stock107.0085.60
KOV-2 NEMA 3R FABRIC WEATHER SHIELD 8" X 10" In Stock132.00105.60
KOV-3 NEMA 3R FABRIC WEATHER SHIELD 10" X 10" In Stock154.00123.20
KOV-4 NEMA 3R FABRIC WEATHER SHEILD 14 X 12 In Stock166.00132.80


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  • Heavy-duty, water repellent fabric
  • Keeps actuator cool in hot sun
  • Breatheable design prevents condensation
  • Cinch strap allows quick and easy installation
  • Keeps actuator clean and protected

Materials Of Construction:600D Oxford fabric, thickened and densified for heavy duty protection; nylon webbing and straps; nylon buckle


 :KOV-1 Approximately 6" diameter x 7"H (15 x 18 cm)

 :KOV-2 Approximately 8" diameter x 10"H (20 x 25 cm)

 :KOV-3 Approximately 10" diameter x 10"H (25 x 25 cm)

 :KOV-4 Approximately 14" diameter x 12"H (36 x 30 cm)

Color:Light tan to minimize solar gain

Warranty:1 year

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