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The Schneider Electric Forta Series globe valve actuator is a programmable linear actuator family for use with VB7000, VB8000 and VB9000 series two- and three-way valves. The actuators are easily configured for floating or proportional control, direct or reverse action, stroke timing and flow characteristics. An automatic input control signal setup allows for easy field installation onto existing Scheider Electric globe valves. The Forta actuator can also be purchased as part of a complete valve assembly for new applications/installations (order the VU Series).


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
AV-821 FORTA ADAPT KIT FOR 1/2 TO 2 IN VB-7000 In Stock50.0040.00
AV-822 FORTA ADAPT KIT FOR 2-1/2 TO 6 IN VB-8, VB-9 In Stock50.0040.00
M1500A 337LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC, TAC GLOBE VALVE In Stock870.00696.00
M1500A-S2 337 LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC, AUX SW INFO1,021.00816.80
M1500A-S2-VB 337LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC WITH ES INFO1,001.00800.80
M1500A-VB 337LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC INFO851.00680.80
M400A-S2-VB 90LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC, WITH ES INFO691.00552.80
M400A-VB 90LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC, In Stock600.00480.00
M800A 180LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC, TAC GLOBE VALVE In Stock593.00474.40
M800A-S2 180 LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC, AUX SW INFO746.00596.80
M800A-S2-VB 180LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC, WITH ES INFO729.00583.20
M800A-VB 180LBF, PROP/FLTG, NSR, 24VAC, In Stock581.00464.80


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  • Floating or proportional control in the same actuator
  • Proportional configuration 0-10, 2-10 VDC or 4-20 mA, 500Ω resistor included
  • Direct/Reverse action (switch selectable)
  • Configurable run time
  • Manual override
  • Electronic valve sequencing and flow characteristic (equal percentage or linear) selection
  • Torque overload protection (full stroke)
  • Easy auto zero and span

Supply Voltage:24 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Supply VA:

 :M400 6 VA

 :M800 15 VA

 :M1500 24 VA

Control Signal:Floating or Proportional 0/2-10 VDC or 4-20 mA

Motor:Brushless DC

Noise:32 dBa maximum

Conduit Connection:Two knockouts, 7/8" (2.2 cm)

Wiring:Screw terminals

Feedback:2-10 VDC

Auxiliary Switch:Two SPDT, 4A resistive @ 24 VAC (model specific)

Action:Non-spring return, direct or reverse DIP switch selectable


 :M400 90 lbf (400 N)

 :M800 180 lbf (800 N)

 :M1500 337 lbf (1500 N)

Stroke:3/8" to 2" (.9 to 5.2 cm)

Stroke Time:Floating, 60 or 300 seconds; Proportional, 15 seconds (for 1/2" stroke)

Valve Mounting:U-Bolt or Screw Mount

 :AV-821 Used with U-Bolt version on current VB-7XXX valves

 :AV-822 Used with U-Bolt version on current VB-8XXX valves and older VB-9XXX valves

Manual Override:Yes

Operating Temperature:14° to 122℉ (-10° to 50℃) for chilled water applications; maximum temperature reduces to 90℉ (32℃) when media temperature is 366℉ (186℃)

Operating Humidity:15% to 95% RH non-condensing

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 2 (IP54) if both conduit connectors used, otherwise NEMA 1 (IP40)


 :Tall U-Bolt Style 9.5"H x 6.3"W x 4.6"D (24.2 x 16.0 x 11.7 cm)

 :Screw Mount 6.4"H x 6.3"W x 4.6"D (16.3 x 16.0 x 11.7 cm)

Weight:3.9 lb (1.8 Kg)

Approvals:C-tick, CE

Warranty:1 year

Note: Screw version actuators designed for VB-7XXX only.: