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The Danfoss EVSI Series solenoid valves are two-way, two-position valves for clean water or low pressure steam applications and are available in normally closed or normally open operation. EVSI Series valves are pilot-operated and designed for non-water hammer operation. They come completely assembled with coil and are UL Recognized and CE Approved. The coils also include a gasketed conduit connector for NEMA 4 (IP65) environmental rating.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
018F7655 24 VAC, 50/60HZ, COIL In Stock36.0028.80
018F7658 208/240 VAC, 60 HZ REPL COIL INFO105.0084.00
018F7663 120 VAC, 50/60 HZ, REPL COIL INFO46.0036.80
032U1081 EV220B 50 EPDM REBUILD KIT INFO464.00371.20
032U6532 1/2IN VALVE BODY FOR NC In Stock138.00110.40
032U6533 3/4IN VALVE BODY FOR NC In Stock219.00175.20
032U6534 1IN VALVE BODY FOR NC In Stock320.00256.00
032U6535 1-1/4IN VALVE BODY FOR NC In Stock465.00372.00
032U6536 1-1/2IN VALVE BODY FOR NC INFO549.00439.20
032U6537 2IN VALVE BODY FOR NC In Stock760.00608.00
032U6544 1/2IN VALVE BODY FOR NO INFO216.00172.80
032U6545 3/4IN VALVE BODY In Stock253.00202.40
032U6546 1IN VALVE BODY FOR NO INFO388.00310.40
032U6547 1-1/4IN VALVE BODY EVSI NO INFO820.00656.00
032U6548 1-1/2IN VALVE BODY FOR NO In Stock643.00514.40
032U6549 2IN VALVE BODY INFO600.00480.00
042N0154 DIN CONNECTOR In Stock15.7012.56
EVSI-15-NC-120 1/2IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 120VAC In Stock196.00156.80
EVSI-15-NC-24 1/2IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 24VAC In Stock196.00156.80
EVSI-15-NC-240 1/2IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 240VAC INFO196.00156.80
EVSI-15-NO-120 1/2IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 120VAC INFO275.00220.00
EVSI-15-NO-24 1/2IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 24VAC INFO275.00220.00
EVSI-15-NO-240 1/2IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 240VAC INFO275.00220.00
EVSI-20-NC-120 3/4IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 120VAC In Stock277.00221.60
EVSI-20-NC-24 3/4IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 24VAC In Stock277.00221.60
EVSI-20-NC-240 3/4IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 240VAC INFO277.00221.60
EVSI-20-NO-120 3/4IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 120VAC In Stock311.00248.80
EVSI-20-NO-24 3/4IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 24VAC In Stock311.00248.80
EVSI-20-NO-240 3/4IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 240VAC In Stock311.00248.80
EVSI-25-NC-120 1IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 120VAC In Stock379.00303.20
EVSI-25-NC-24 1IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 24VAC In Stock379.00303.20
EVSI-25-NC-240 1IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 240VAC INFO379.00303.20
EVSI-25-NO-120 1IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 120VAC INFO446.00356.80
EVSI-25-NO-240 1IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 240VAC INFO446.00356.80
EVSI-32-NC-120 1 1/4INSOLENOID VALVE NC 120VAC In Stock524.00419.20
EVSI-32-NC-24 1 1/4IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 24VAC In Stock524.00419.20
EVSI-32-NC-240 1 1/4INSOLENOID VALVE NC 240VAC INFO524.00419.20
EVSI-32-NO-120 1 1/4INSOLENOID VALVE NO 120V INFO878.00702.40
EVSI-32-NO-24 1 1/4INSOLENOID VALVE NO 24VAC INFO878.00702.40
EVSI-32-NO-240 1 1/4INSOLENOID VALVE NO 240VAC INFO878.00702.40
EVSI-40-NC-120 1 1/2INSOLENOID VALVE NC 120VAC INFO607.00485.60
EVSI-40-NC-24 1 1/2INSOLENOID VALVE NC 24VAC INFO607.00485.60
EVSI-40-NC-240 1 1/2INSOLENOID VALVE NC 240VAC INFO607.00485.60
EVSI-40-NO-120 1 1/2INSOLENOID VALVE NO 120VAC In Stock701.00560.80
EVSI-40-NO-24 1 1/2INSOLENOID VALVE NO 24VAC In Stock701.00560.80
EVSI-40-NO-240 1 1/2INSOLENOID VALVE NO 240VAC INFO701.00560.80
EVSI-50-NC-120 2IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 120VAC In Stock818.00654.40
EVSI-50-NC-24 2IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 24VAC In Stock818.00654.40
EVSI-50-NC-240 2IN SOLENOID VALVE NC 240VAC INFO818.00654.40
EVSI-50-NO-120 2IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 120VAC INFO658.00526.40
EVSI-50-NO-240 2IN SOLENOID VALVE NO 240VAC INFO658.00526.40


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  • Anti-water hammer design
  • For hot or chilled water and low pressure steam
  • Fully encapsulated molded coils
  • 1/2" threaded conduit connection
  • Enclosed screw terminals
  • NEMA 4 (IP56) environmental rating
  • Modular conduit connection for easy installation
  • Unique snap-on coil, no tools required

Size:1/2" FNPT to 2" FNPT

Cv:4.7, 9.4, 12.9, 21, 28, 46.8

Life Expectancy:800,000 cycles minimum

Maximum System Pressure:225 psig (1550 kPa) for 1/2″ and 3/4″ valves; 180 psig (1240 kPa) for 1″ to 2″ valves

Pressure Drop:Minimum differential pressure 4 psid (30 kPa) to operate the pilot; maximum differential pressure 142 psid (980 kPa)

Materials Of Construction:Brass valve body, EPDM gasket

Media Compatibility:Clean hot or chilled water or glycol, steam ≤15 psig

Media Temperature Range:-14° to 248℉ (-10° to 120℃)

Supply Voltage:120 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 24 VAC @ 14 VA, 50/60 Hz; 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Supply Watts:120 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Conduit Connection:1/2" NPT

Wiring Terminations:Screw terminals inside DIN connector accept 16 to 18 AWG wire; DIN spades on encapsulated coil

Action:N.C., N.O. (valve body determines action)

Stroke Time:.04 seconds opening time, 0.35 seconds closing time for 1/2″ valves; up to 5.0 seconds opening time, 10.0 seconds closing time for 2″ valves

Manual Override:EVSI-MOM manual override magnet, order seperately

Operating Temperature:32° to 120℉ (0° to 50℃)

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 4 (IP65) with waterproof conduit connection

Dimensions:Coil, 2.5"H x 1.8"W x 2.4"D (5.7 x 4.6 x 6.1 cm)

Approvals:UL file #MH7648

Warranty:1 year


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