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8210 Series

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8210 Series

Red Hat Solenoid Valves 8210 Series

Red Hat Solenoid Valves


The ASCO 8210 Series solenoid valves are general service, pilot operated, two-way solenoid valves for liquid and air/inert gas applications. They are available in normally closed or normally open operation with coil voltages to meet any typical application. The 8210 Series come completely assembled with conduit connection and wire leads.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
238210-005-D CVLV-SOLENOID, REPLACEMENT 24 VAC COIL, NC (1/2-2)INFO423.00236.88
238210-032-D CVLV-SOLENOID, REPLACEMENT 120 VAC COIL, NC (1/2-2)INFO423.00236.88
238610-005-D CVLV-SOLENOID, REPLACEMENT 24 VAC COIL, NO (1/2-3/4)INFO461.00258.16
238610-032-D CVLV-SOLENOID, REPLACEMENT 120 VAC COIL, NO (1/2-3/4)INFO461.00258.16
272610-005-D CVLV-SOLENOID, REPLACEMENT 24 VAC COI, NO (1-2)INFO545.00305.20
272610-032-D CVLV-SOLENOID, REPLACEMENT 120 VAC COIL, NO (1-2)INFO577.00323.12
8210G002-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1/2IN, NPT, NC, 120VAC COILINFO457.00255.92
8210G002-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1/2IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILIn Stock455.00254.80
8210G004-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1IN, NPT, NC, 120VAC COILIn Stock901.00504.56
8210G004-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILINFO901.00504.56
8210G008-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1-1/4IN, NPT, NC, 120VAC COILINFO1,098.00614.88
8210G008-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1-1/4IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILIn Stock1,098.00614.88
8210G009-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 3/4IN, NPT, NC, 120VAC COILIn Stock516.00288.96
8210G009-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 3/4IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILIn Stock516.00288.96
8210G014-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1IN, NPT, NO, 120VAC COILIn Stock1,308.00732.48
8210G014-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1IN, NPT, NO, 24VAC COILINFO1,308.00732.48
8210G015-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1/2IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILINFO438.00245.28
8210G018-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1-1/4IN, NPT, NO, 120VAC COILINFO1,497.00838.32
8210G018-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1-1/4IN, NPT, NO, 24VAC COILINFO1,497.00838.32
8210G022-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1-1/2IN, NPT, NC, 120VAC COILINFO1,673.00936.88
8210G022-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1-1/2IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILINFO1,673.00936.88
8210G032-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1-1/2IN, NPT, NO, 120VAC COILINFO1,976.001,106.56
8210G032-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1-1/2IN, NPT, NO, 24VAC COILIn Stock1,976.001,106.56
8210G034-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1/2IN, NPT, NO, 120VAC COILINFO904.00506.24
8210G035-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 3/4IN, NPT, NO, 120VAC COILINFO904.00506.24
8210G035-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 3/4IN, NPT, NO, 24VAC COILIn Stock904.00506.24
8210G054-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILINFO1,200.00672.00
8210G056-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1-1/2IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILINFO1,820.001,019.20
8210G073-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 3/8IN, NPT, NC, 120VAC COILINFO394.00220.64
8210G100-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 2IN, NPT, NC, 120VAC COILINFO2,943.001,648.08
8210G100-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 2IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILINFO2,951.001,652.56
8210G103-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 2IN, NPT, NO, 120VAC COILINFO3,352.001,877.12
8210G103-24/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 2IN, NPT, NO, 24VAC COILINFO3,352.001,877.12
8316G036-24VAC CVLV-SOLENOID, 1IN, NPT, NC, 24VAC COILINFO2,960.001,657.60
8320G003-120/60 CVLV-SOLENOID, 1/8IN, NPT, NC, 120VAC COILINFO390.00218.40
M2FP03GX PILOT VALVEINFO3,027.001,695.12
M3FB15LX/A 5/8" C.V. 3.50 HOT GAS BYPASSINFO3,838.002,149.28
M3FB15LX06/A 5/8" C.V. HOT GAS BYPASS VALVEINFO3,838.002,149.28
M3FB15LX15/A 5/8" C.V. 1.75 HOT GAS BYPASSINFO3,838.002,149.28
M3FB20LX/A 7/8" C.V. 5.80 HOT GAS BYPASSINFO4,876.002,730.56
M3FB25LX/A 1" HOT GAS BYPASS VALVEINFO7,613.004,263.28
M3FB32LX VALVE 1-1/4" HOT GAS BYPASS CVINFO9,594.005,372.64
Z614A-120/60 REPLACEMENT 120 VAC COIL (1/2-1)INFO430.44241.05
Z614A-24/60 REPLACEMENT 24 VAC COIL (1/2-1)INFO430.44241.05
ZA34A-120/60 REPLACEMENT 120 VAC COIL (1-1/4-2)INFO479.40268.46
ZA34A-24/60 REPLACEMENT 24 VAC COIL (1-1/4-2)INFO479.40268.46


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  • Industry standard Red Hat II
  • Wide range of sizes and options
  • High flow rates, low pressure drop
  • Long service life
  • For hot or chilled water, air or inert gases
  • 1/2" NPT conduit connection standard
  • Lead wires standard
  • Not polarity sensitive

Size:1/2" NPT to 2" NPT

Cv:4.0, 5.0, 13, 15, 22, 43, 5.5

Materials Of Construction:

 :Body Brass

 :Seals & Disc NBR or PTFE

Media Compatibility:Clean hot or chilled water, air or inert gas

Media Temperature Range:Maximum 180℉ (82℃) water temperature

Supply Voltage:120 VAC, 60 Hz, 24 VAC, 60 Hz

Action:N.C., N.O. (valve body determines action)

Operating Pressure:Minimum 5 psid (35 kPa), maximum 125 to 150 psid (862 to 1034 kPa), varies by model

Operating Temperature:32° to 125℉ (0° to 52℃)

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 4 (standard Red Hat II enclosure)

Approvals:CSA, UL File #MP618, CE

Warranty:1 year