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MN Series

Direct Coupled Actuator Non-Spring Return MN Series

Direct Coupled Actuator Non-Spring Return


The Honeywell MN Series actuators are non-spring return direct coupled actuators from Honeywell. They are designed and tested to provide reliable non-spring return control for dampers and valves that require up to 300 in-lb (34 Nm) of torque. The MN Series is powered by 24 VAC/VDC and has an excellent feature set that combines flexibility and simplicity.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
205849A 5/8IN HUB FOR USE W/300LB DCASINFO167.0083.50
50000407-001 TANDEM KIT FOR KA-301, KAS-175INFO220.00110.00
M6284D1000-S MOD MOTOR, 24VAC, 90-160INFO1,277.04638.52
M7284A1012 160 DEG STROKE, 60S TIMINGINFO1,811.53905.76
MN6105A1011 44 IN-LB, NSR, 2-POS/FLOAT CONTROLIn Stock183.2691.63
MN6105A1201 44 IN-LB, NSR, 2-POS/FLOAT W/INT. AUX. SWINFO312.48156.24
MN6105W1011 44 IN-LB, NSR, 2-POS/FLT, WHIPSIn Stock219.51109.75
MN6110A1003 88 IN-LB, NSR, 2-POS/FLOAT CONTROLINFO296.37148.18
MN6110A1201 88 IN-LB, NSR, 2-POS/FLOAT W/INT. AUX. SWINFO386.48193.24
MN6120A1002 175 IN-LB, NSR, 2-POS/FLOAT CONTROLIn Stock510.39255.19
MN6120A1200 175 IN-LB, NSR, 2-POS/FLT, AUX SWINFO522.64261.32
MN6134A1003 300 IN-LB, NSR, 2-POS/FLOAT CONTROLINFO671.94335.97
MN7220A2007 175 IN-LB, NSR, PROP. CONTROLIn Stock526.08263.04
MN7220A2205 175 IN-LB, NSR, PROP., AUX SWINFO687.81343.91
MN7234A2008 300 IN-LB, NSR, PROP. CONTROLINFO795.24397.62
MN7505A2001 44 IN-LB, NSR, MOD. (PROP/FLT) CONTROLIn Stock290.16145.08
MN7505A2209 44 IN-LB, NSR, MOD. (PROP/FLT) W/INT. AUX. SW.INFO332.55166.28
MN7505W2001 44 IN-LB, NSR, MOD.(PROP/FLT), WHIPSINFO277.74138.87
MN7510A2001 88 IN-LB, NSR, MOD. (PROP/FLT) CONTROLIn Stock373.31186.66
MN7510A2209 88 IN-LB, NSR, MOD.(PROP/FLT), AUX SWINFO480.77240.39


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  • Adjustable mechanical range stops
  • Auto adapt on modulating models
  • Internal or field-installable auxiliary switches
  • Signal mode switch
  • Adjustable zero and span
  • Mechanical override declutch
  • Detachable wiring cover
  • Consistent wiring

Supply Voltage:21-27 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC (except MN6120, MN6134)

Motor:Brushless DC; Synchronous with magnetic clutch (floating 175, 300 in-lb)

Wiring:Enclosed terminals

Action:Switching selectable direct/reverse acting

Rotation:95° ± 3°

Drive Time:95 seconds

Manual Override:Disengage button


 :44, 88 in-lb <35 dB @ 3' (1m)

 :175, 300 in-lb <40 dB @ 3' (1m)

Resolution:150 steps (2-10 VDC), 190 steps (0-10 VDC)

Life Expectancy:60,000 cycles, 1 million repositions

Operating Temperature:-5° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)

Operating Humidity:5 to 95% RH

Approvals:UL File #E4996, CE, C-tick, plenum rated

Warranty:5 years