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MS4xxx, MS81xx Series

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MS4xxx, MS81xx Series

Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators MS4xxx, MS81xx Series

Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators


Honeywell fire and smoke damper actuators are designed to meet both UL-555 and UL-555S 350°F safety requirements for combined fire and smoke applications. The fast-acting actuators close dampers in 15-20 seconds, and the integral spring return ensures the consistent, proper level of torque.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
32003532-005 AUX. SW. 2-SPDT, FOR MLXX15, MLXX09 INFO135.00108.00
MS4104F1010 FIRE/SMK ACT/30 IN-LB/120VAC/SR In Stock467.00373.60
MS4104F1210 FIRE/SMK ACT/30 IN-LB/120VAC/SR/2 SWITCHES In Stock548.00438.40
MS4109F1010 FIRE/SMK ACT/80 IN-LB/120V/SR In Stock615.00492.00
MS4109F1210 FIRE/SMK ACT/80 IN-LB/120V/SR/2 SWITCHES INFO695.00556.00
MS4120F1006 FIRE/SMK ACT/175 IN-LB/120V In Stock784.00627.20
MS4120F1204 FIRE/SMK ACT., 175 IN-LB, 120V, 2 AUX. SW. In Stock865.00692.00
MS4604F1010 FIRE/SMK ACT/30 IN-LB/230VAC/SR INFO497.00397.60
MS4604F1210 FIRE/SMK ACT/30 IN-LB/230VAC/SR/2 SWITCHES INFO578.00462.40
MS4609F1010 FIRE/SMK ACT/80 IN-LB/230V/SR INFO725.00580.00
MS4609F1210 FIRE/SMK ACT/80 IN-LB/230V/SR/2 SWITCHES INFO806.00644.80
MS4620F1005 FIRE/SMK ACT., 175 IN-LB, 230V INFO879.00703.20
MS4620F1203 FIRE/SMK ACT., 175 IN-LB, 230V, 2 AUX. SW. INFO972.00777.60
MS8104F1010 FIRE/SMK ACT/30 IN-LB/24V/SR INFO437.00349.60
MS8104F1210 FIRE/SMK ACT/30 IN-LB/24V/SR/2 SWITCHES INFO518.00414.40
MS8109F1010 FIRE/SMK ACT/80 IN-LB/24V/SR INFO564.00451.20
MS8109F1210 FIRE/SMK ACT/80 IN-LB/24V/SR/2 SWITCHES INFO645.00516.00
MS8120F1002 FIRE/SMK ACT., 175 IN-LB, 24V In Stock720.00576.00
MS8120F1200 FIRE/SMK ACT., 175 IN-LB, 24V, 2 AUX. SW. In Stock812.00649.60


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  • Designed to meet UL-555 and UL-555S requirements
  • Robust die-cast aluminum housing for protection and long service life
  • Maximum spring return timing of 15-20 seconds
  • Reliably built by the industry leader
  • Energy-saving patented design
  • No audible noise during holding

Motor:DC with brushes


 :MS4xxx 32" leads, 18 AWG and 7/8" knockout holes for conduit fittings

 :MS8xxx 39" leads, 18 AWG and 7/8" knockout holes for conduit fittings

Action:CW/CCW mounting method

Rotation:95° ±3°, mechanically limited

Auxilliary Switch:

 :-F120X 2 SPST, 5A res., 3A ind. @ 250VAC

 :-F10XX None


 :Driving Open 80 dBA @ 3' (1.0 m)

 :Holding 20 dBA @ 3' (1.0 m) no audible noise

Life Expectancy:30,000 cycles

Operating Temperature:0° to 130℉ (-18° to 55℃)

Operating Humidity:5 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Approvals:CE, C-TICK, cULus,UL873, NEMA1

Warranty:5 years