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MA, MF, MS Series

Direct Coupled Actuators Spring Return MA, MF, MS Series

Direct Coupled Actuators Spring Return


The Schneider Electric DuraDrive™ Series direct coupled, spring return actuators accept two-position, tri-state, or proportional control signals from a DDC control system or a thermostat and are designed to provide years of trouble-free control for HVAC dampers.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
MA40-7040 SR 2POS 35IN-LB 120VAC INFO411.00328.80
MA40-7043 SR 2POS 35IN-LB 24VAC In Stock376.00300.80
MA40-7170 SR 2POS 150IN-LB 120VAC, NEMA 4 INFO1,227.00981.60
MA40-7173 SR 2POS 150IN-LB 24VAC, NEMA 4 INFO1,109.00887.20
MA41-7070 SR 60 IN-LB (7 NM) 2-POS 120 VAC 2-WIRE CTRL INFO531.00424.80
MA41-7073 SR 2POS 60IN-LB 24VAC INFO440.00352.00
MA41-7150 SR 133 IN-LB (15 NM) 2-POS 120 VAC 2-WIRE CTRL INFO572.00457.60
MA41-7153 2-POS, SR, 133 IN-LB, 24 VAC/VDC ACT INFO529.00423.20
MEP-5061 ACT 3WIRE 50 IN LB 24VAC 5 MINUTE STROKE INFO227.00181.60
MF40-7043 SR FLOATING 35 IN-LB 24 VAC In Stock405.00324.00
MF40-7173 SR FLOATING 150 IN-LB 24 VAC INFO1,153.00922.40
MF41-6043 NSR 35 IN-LB (4 NM) TRI-STATE CTRL In Stock186.00148.80
MF41-7073 SR 60 IN-LB (7 NM) TRI-STATE CTRL 24VAC INFO433.00346.40
MF41-7153 FLOATING, SR, 133 IN-LB, 24 VAC/VDC ACT INFO581.00464.80
MS40-7043 SR 2-10V 4-20MA 35IN-LB 24VAC In Stock489.00391.20
MS40-7043-501 PROPORTIONAL, SR, 24V, 35 LB-IN, W/AUX. SWITCH INFO633.00506.40
MS40-7170 SR 2-10V 4-20MA 150IN-LB 120VA, NEMA 4 INFO1,529.001,223.20
MS40-7173 SR 2-10V 4-20MA 150IN-LB 24VAC, NEMA 4 INFO1,348.001,078.40
MS41-7073 SR 60 IN-LB (7 NM) PROP CTRL 24VAC In Stock536.00428.80
MS41-7153 SR 2-10V 4-20MA 133IN-LB 24VAC In Stock684.00547.20


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  • Direct mount to round or square shaft
  • NEMA 4 models available
  • Overload protection on all models

Input Impedance:80 kΩ @ 0/2-10 VDC; 500Ω @ 4-20 mA (proportional models)

Motor:DC with brushes (MA40-70xx, MA41-70xx, MF40-70xx, MF41-70xx); Brushless DC (all others)

Wiring:3-foot cable, 18 AWG

Conduit Connection:1/2" FNPT

Action:Mounting orientation direct/reverse acting

Rotation:95° ±5°

Manual Override:Crank (MA41, MF41, MS41 models)

Noise:<60 db @ 3' (1m)

Resolution:100 steps

Life Expectancy:60,000 cycles

Operating Temperature:-22° to 140°F (-30° to 60°C)

Operating Humidity :15 to 95% RH

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 2 (IP54) (35, 60, 133 in-lb models), NEMA 4 (IP56) (150 in-lb models)

Approvals:CE, UL File # E9429

Warranty:5 years