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KA-44, KA-88, KA-175, KA-301 Series

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KA-44, KA-88, KA-175, KA-301 Series

Kele Revolution™ Direct Coupled Actuators Non-Spring Return KA-44, KA-88, KA-175, KA-301 Series

Kele Revolution™ Direct Coupled Actuators Non-Spring Return


The Kele Revolution™ KA-44, KA-88, KA-175, and KA-301 Series actuators are designed and tested to provide reliable non-spring return damper or valve control. In Building Automation Systems, BAS, and HVAC applications. Each damper actuator or valve actuator is powered by 24 Volt AC and 24 Volt DC and accept tri-state, two-position and proportional control signals.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
KA-175-2T ACT-NONSPR, 175 IN-LB, 2-POSITION/TRI-STATE, 24VACIn Stock396.32221.94
KA-175-P ACT-NONSPR, 175 IN-LB, PROPORTIONAL, 24VACIn Stock511.56286.47
KA-301-2T ACT-NONSPR, 301 IN-LB, 2-POSITION/TRI-STATE, 24VACIn Stock540.97302.94
KA-301-P ACT-NONSPR, 301 IN-LB, PROPORTIONAL, 24VACIn Stock608.02340.49
KA-44-2T 44 IN-LB, NSR, 2-POS/TRI-STATE (FLOATING)In Stock160.6789.98
KA-44-M 44 IN-LB, NSR, MOD. (PROP & TRI-STATE)In Stock264.00147.84
KA-88-2T ACT-NONSPR, 88 IN-LB, 2-POSISTION/TRI-STATE, 24VACIn Stock238.37133.49
KA-88-M ACT-NONSPR, 88 IN-LB, MODULATING (2-10VDC), 24 VAC, (0)2-10VDC FBIn Stock320.24179.33


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  • Switchable drive direction
  • Service/Off switch (tri-state/two-position models)
  • Auto-adapt switch (proportional models)
  • Manual override
  • Self-centering, reversible hub
  • Adjustable mechanical rotation stops
  • Dual SPDT auxiliary switches available
  • 60,000 cycles nominal

Supply Voltage:21-27 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24 VDC (VAC only for KA-175-2T, KA-301-2T)

Motor:Synchronous with magnetic clutch (2-pos, floating), Brushless DC (proportional)

Wiring:Enclosed terminals

Action:Switch selectable direct/reverse acting

Rotation:95° ± 3°

Drive Time:95 seconds @ 60Hz

Manual Override:Disengage button


 :-44, -88 <35 db @ 3' (1m)

 :-175, -301 <40 db @ 3' (1m)

Resolution:150 steps (2-10 VDC), 190 steps (0-10 VDC)

Life Expectancy:60,000 cycles, 1.5 million repositions

Operating Temperature:-5° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)

Operating Humidity:5 to 95% RH

Approvals:CE, CSA, plenum rated, UL FIle #E4436/E179109

Warranty:5 years