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The CEP-4000 Series is a pressure-independent combination controller-actuator designed primarily for use on variable air volume terminal units. Cooling and heating air flow is sensed by a temperaturecompensated hot-wire anemometer. Velocity sensing is unaffected by changes in the duct air temperature. The CEP-4000 series offers full-range flow control of VAV terminal units when used with the CTE-1000/1100/5000 series room thermostats. Air-velocity flow control limits are set at the room thermostat or remotely with the REE-1012 remote-limits accessory module. The actuator section provides a magnetic clutch that allows the actuator to be stalled at either end of stroke, eliminating the requirement for mechanical stops or end switches. The controller-actuator is available with (100°, 60°, and 45°) built-in stops or (360°) no stops. Combined with available REE-1000/4000 series accessory modules, the controllers provide proportional or multi-position electric or hot-water reheat, cooling/heating changeover, and dual-duct applications.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
CEP-4001 ELEC.CONT.100 DEG.CCWWSSE-INFO673.00376.88
CEP-4011 ELEC.CONT.100 DEG.CWWSSE-1001INFO681.00381.36
CEP-4012 ELEC.CONT.100 DEG.CWWSSE-1002INFO772.00432.32
CEP-4013 ELEC.CONT.100 DEG.CWWSSE-2001INFO693.00388.08
MEP3006 REPL ACT 24VAC NO FOR VEP11 21 37INFO147.0082.32


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  • Actuator section has magnetic clutch
  • Available with built in stops or no stops
  • Temperature compensated hot-wire anemometer

Supply Voltage:24 VAC -15/+20%, 50/60 Hz, Class 2

Supply Power:9 VA

Output Supply:9.1 VDC (22 mA)

Output Torque:45 ±10 in-lbs. (5 ±1 N•m)

Temperature Limits:

Operating:40 to 120℉ (4 to 49℃)

Shipping:-40 to 140℉ (-40 to 60℃)

Velocity Range :0–3000 fpm (15.24 m/s)

Velocity Deadband :±50 fpm

Velocity Output:1-5 VDC (0-3000 fpm)

Reset Voltage:3-6 VDC (0-3000 fpm)

Angular Rotation:45°, 60°, 100°, 360°

Stroke Time:18° per minute @ 60 Hz, 15° per minute @ 50 Hz

Connections:Plated screw terminals

Mounting:Direct to 1/2" (13 mm)diameter shaft or with an HFO-0011 adaptor to 3/8" (10mm) diameter shaft

Material:Glass-filled nylon

Weight:1.75 lb. (0.79 kg)


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