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August 20, 2010 // Comments ()

 In the world of new products, once an innovative product emerges, everyone eventually gets on the bandwagon. They all see how successful the original idea was and in response, soon try to vie for their piece of the pie. Everyone touts why their version is better, but once in a while something truly unique emerges and demands to be noticed.

GE/Telaire has done just that. Earlier this year they introduced the T8100/T8200/T8300 series Ventostat’s as a replacement for their industry leading T8000 Series. The new Ventostat’s, while familiar to all on one level with its CO2, temperature and humidity outputs, uniquely offer simultaneous outputs of voltage and current for its CO2 measurement yielding 2 outputs of measurement instead of just one. In a clear challenge to the competition, each Ventostat comes with a 10K Type II passive thermistor and both the T8100 and the T8300 carries a lifetime calibration warranty due to its patented ABC calibration logic. The T8300 is designed to be used with a pitot tube kit for convenient duct mounting but both the T8100 and the T8200 are easily mounted in a T1508 duct aspiration box for simple one package duct mounting. All Ventostat’s can be mounted outdoors with the T1551 enclosure or safeguarded in wash down areas with the T1505 splash proof enclosure. Each model is available with an optional display as well as active temperature and humidity outputs. The T8100 and the T8300 are both available in black for those areas where darkness is required such as movie theaters and other similar applications. And the T8200 units can be used for long life calibration in buildings with 24 hour occupation. The Ventostat’s two piece design facilitates easy replacement without the need for rewiring if it becomes damaged. Its’ gas permeable, water resistant CO2 diffusion filter is designed to prevent particulate and water contamination of the sensor for a longevity.

GE has certainly scored a hit with the new Ventostat 8000 series. Let’s see what innovations emerge next!



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