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T5U, T63U Series

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T5U, T63U Series

Kele 1000 Ohm RTD Rangeable Transmitter T5U, T63U Series

Kele 1000 Ohm RTD Rangeable Transmitter


The Kele T5U and T63U Transmitters are field rangeable, two-wire 4-20 mA RTD transmitters designed for use with Type 5 nickel-iron sensors, the Precon Type 63 sensors, or the JCI TE6300 Series. Each one delivers reilable and accurate performance for a wide variety of applcations. This transmitter can be combined with any Type 63 Precon sensors incorporating the optional ″XW″ weather resistant box for a one package application solution. To adjust the temperature transmitter, set the DIP switches to match the desired range, and use the zero and span pots to fine tune. A high accuracy digital ohmmeter and decade box are required.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
T5U-2 XMTR 1K OHM NI/FE 4-20MA (-20/140) INFO217.03173.62
T5U-3 XMTR 1K OHM NI/FE 4-20MA (0/100) INFO217.03173.62
T5U-4 XMTR 1K OHM NI/FE 4-20MA 30/240 INFO217.03173.62
T5U-XR XMTR 1K OHM NI/FE 4-20MA (CUSTOM) INFO229.50183.60
T63U-2 XMTR 1K OHM NI 4-20MA (-20-140) INFO169.58135.66
T63U-3 XMTR 1K OHM NI 4-20MA (0-100) In Stock169.58135.66
T63U-4 XMTR 1K OHM NI 4-20MA (30-240) INFO169.58135.66
T63U-XR XMTR 1K OHM NI 4-20MA (CUSTOM) INFO178.50142.80
T85U-14-W-E-XTD IMM 1K OHM W/O WELL XTMR(0/50C) DISPLAY INFO783.31626.65
T85U-14-W-XTD IMM 1K OHM WELL XTMR(0/50C) DISPLAY INFO805.90644.72
T85U-14-XWM XMTR 1K OHM 385 32/122F ENCLOSED INFO106.0884.86
T85U-2 XMTR 1K OHM 385 (-20/140F) INFO80.8064.64
T85U-2AV AVG 1K OHM XTMR(-20/140F) INFO272.24217.79
T85U-2D DUCT 1K OHM XTMR(-20/140F) INFO157.09125.67
T85U-2O OSA 1K OHM XTMR(-20/140F) INFO145.92116.73
T85U-2W IMM 1K OHM XTMR(-20/140F) W/WELL INFO217.25173.80
T85U-2XWM XMTR 1K OHM 385 -20/140F ENCLOSED INFO106.0884.86
T85U-3 XMTR 1K OHM 385 (0/100F) In Stock80.8064.64
T85U-3-W-E-XTD IMM 1K OHM W/O WELL XMTR(0/100F) DISPLAY INFO787.39629.91
T85U-3AV AVG 1K OHM XMTR(0/100F) INFO272.24217.79
T85U-3D DUCT 1K OHM XMTR(0/100F) INFO157.09125.67
T85U-3O OSA 1K OHM XMTR(0/100F) INFO145.92116.73
T85U-3W IMM 1K OHM W/WELL XMTR(0/100F) INFO217.25173.80
T85U-3XWM XMTR 1K OHM 385 0/100F ENCLOSED INFO106.0884.86
T85U-4 XMTR 1K OHM 385 30/240F In Stock80.8064.64
T85U-4AV AVG 1K OHM XMTR(30/240F) INFO272.24217.79
T85U-4D DUCT 1K OHM XMTR(30/240F) INFO157.09125.67
T85U-4O OSA 1K OHM XMTR(30/240F) INFO145.92116.73
T85U-4W IMM 1K OHM XMTR(30/240F) W/WELL INFO217.25173.80
T85U-4XWM XMTR 1K OHM 385 30/240F ENCLOSED INFO106.0884.86
T85U-JCP 1K OHM 385 XMITTR(-30/140F) In Stock80.3464.27
T85U-XR XMTR 1K OHM 385 -CUST RANGE INFO90.9072.72


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  • Dip switch rangeable
  • Loop calibration test signal
  • Low cost
  • Snap-track mounting
  • Loop-powered LED indication
  • Conformal coated

Supply Voltage:10.5-45 VDC

Signal Output:4-20 mA, loop-powered

Maximum Output :

Impedance:675Ω @ 24 VDC

Sensor Element:1000Ω RTD

Accuracy:0.2°F or 0.4% of span


Zero:-30° to 210℉ (-34.4° to 98.9℃)

Minimum Span:40 ℉(4.4℃)

Usable Range:-30° to 250℉ (-34.4° to 121.1℃)

Operating Temperature:0° to 140°F (-18° to 60°C)

Dimensions:1.8"W x 2.25"L x 1"H (4.6 x 5.7 x 2.54 cm)

Weight:0.16 lb (0.09 kg)

Warranty:18 months


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