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RTE Series

IDEC Multifunction Electronic Timers RTE Series

IDEC Multifunction Electronic Timers


The RTE Series Multi-Function Electronic Timers are socket-mounted adjustable time delay relays available in two function groups, making them ideal for Building Automation Systems, BAS. The timer functions and time ranges are easily selected by setting external switches. The knob on the front of the timer is used to set the precise delay period within the selected time range. Timer functions RTE-B1/RTE-P1 are power-triggered and include ON-Delay, Interval, OFF-Cycle, ON-Cycle. Timer functions for RTE-B2/RTE-P2 are signal triggered and include ON-Delay, OFF-Cycle, OFF-Delay, ON-Cycle and Single-Shot.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
GT3A-2AF20 8 PIN ANALOG TIMER INFO181.00144.80
GT3F-2AF20 TIMER PWR OFF DELAY DPDT 0.5S-600S 8-PIN 100-240V INFO182.00145.60
GT3W-A11AF20 TIMER RECYCLE,8-PIN,100-240VAC INFO182.00145.60
GT5Y-4SN3A24 ON DLY 4PDT TIMER 3A INFO124.0099.20
RTE-B1AD24 TD RELAY 24VAC/DC INT/DOM 0 - 600HR In Stock133.00106.40
RTE-B1AF20 TD RELAY 100-240VAC INT/DOM 0 - 600HR In Stock135.00108.00
RTE-B2AD24 TD RELAY 24VAC/DC SS/DOB 0 - 600HR In Stock163.00130.40
RTE-B2AF20 TD RELAY 100-240VAC SS/DOB 0 - 600HR In Stock142.00113.60
RTE-P1AD24 TD RELAY 24VAC/DC INT/DOM 0 - 600HR In Stock112.0089.60
RTE-P1AF20 TD RELAY 100-240VAC INT/DOM 0 - 600HR In Stock116.0092.80
RTE-P1D12 TD RELAY 12VDC INT/DOM 0 - 600HR INFO119.0095.20
RTE-P2AD24 TD RELAY 24VAC/DC SS/DOB 0 - 600HR In Stock141.00112.80
RTE-P2AF20 TD RELAY 100-240VAC SS/DOB 0 - 600HR INFO141.00112.80
RTE-P2D12 TD RELAY 12VDC SS/DOB 0 - 600HR INFO148.00118.40


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  • Selectable 10 timing functions and 20 time ranges
  • Time delay settings from 0.1 second to 600 hours
  • Two Form C delayed output contacts
  • Space-saving package
  • High repeat accuracy of ±0.2%
  • On and timing out LED indicators
  • Standard 8-pin, 11-pin, or 11-blade relay socket
  • UL Listed, CE certified

Time Delay Settings:0.1 sec to 600 hours

Contact Configuration:2 Form C, DPDT (delay outputs)

Load Type:10A resistive @ 240 VAC, 30 VDC; 7A inductive @ 240 VAC, 30 VDC; 1/6 hp @ 120 VAC; 1/3 hp @ 240 VAC


 :AD models 24 VAC/VDC (3.5 VA/1.7W)

 :AF models 120VAC (6.6 VA)

Operating Temperature:-4° to 149°F (-20° to 65°C)

Operating Humidity:35% to 85% RH

Reset Time:100 ms maximum

Accuracy:±0.2%, ±20 ms

Setting Error:±10% maximum

Insulation Resistance:100 MΩ minimum (500 VDC)

Dielectric Strength:Between power and output terminals: 2000 VAC, 1 minute

 :Between contacts of different poles: 2000 VAC, 1 minute

 :Between contacts on the same pole: 1000 VAC, 1 minute

Electrical Life:500,000 operations (resistive)

Mechanical Life:50 million operations

Weight:0.2 lb (0.091 kg)

Approvals:UL listed, File #E66043, CE

Warranty:1 year