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RIB TR Series

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RIB TR Series

Functional Devices Control Transformers RIB TR Series

Functional Devices Control Transformers


The RIB TR Series offers a complete line of control transformers for use in building automation and temperature control systems. The series includes transformer VA ratings from 20 VA up through 375 VA and primary voltages of 120, 208, 240, 277, and 480 VAC. Isolation transformers for 24 VAC circuits are also included. All RIB TR Series transformers are UL listed and feature split-bobbin construction. Some also have a secondary circuit breaker.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
AE-201 TRANSFORMER 120-P 24S 50VA In Stock106.0084.80
TR100VA001 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 100 VA In Stock60.3148.25
TR100VA002 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 100VA In Stock61.0748.86
TR100VA002-20 XFMR 100VA,120-24V,2 HUB, INFO55.6244.50
TR100VA004 XFMR 120/277/240/480:24VAC 100 In Stock69.6555.72
TR100VA005 TRANSFORMER 120/240/277-24VAC 100VA In Stock75.1960.15
TR100VA008 TRANSFORMER 208/240/277-120VAC 100VA INFO77.3061.84
TR100VA015 TRFMR 100VA; 120/208/240/277/480-24V CIRCUIT BRKER INFO76.9261.54
TR150VA001 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 150 VA In Stock81.1764.94
TR150VA002 TRANSFORMER 120:24 150VA 2 THREADED HUBS INFO94.4675.57
TR150VA008 XFMR 480/277/240/208 120VAC 150VA; 2 THREADED HUBS In Stock86.3769.10
TR175VA001 XFMR 208/240:24 VAC 175 VA INFO98.8579.08
TR175VA002 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 175 VA INFO87.4969.99
TR175VA003 XFMR 175VA, 120-24V, SNGL HUB, UL LISTED US/CANADA INFO74.6059.68
TR20VA001 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 20 VA In Stock21.3217.06
TR20VA002 TRANSFORMER, 208:24VAC, 20VA INFO21.6917.35
TR20VA003 TRANSFORMER 24:24 VAC 20 VA In Stock22.7118.17
TR20VA004 20VA, 277/240/208/120-24V,2 HUB, INHERENT LIMIT INFO28.8523.08
TR20VA007 TRANSFORMER 277:24 VAC 20 VA In Stock21.6917.35
TR240VA001 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 240 VA In Stock115.4992.39
TR300VA002 TRANSFORMER, 120/208/240/480:24VAC, 300VA In Stock145.81116.65
TR375VA001 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 375 VA In Stock136.03108.82
TR40VA001 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 40 VA In Stock25.9720.78
TR40VA002 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 40 VA In Stock26.7921.43
TR40VA003 TRANSFORMER 24:24 VAC 40 VA INFO29.5623.65
TR40VA004 TRANSFORMER, 120/208/240/277:24VAC, 40VA INFO28.7823.03
TR40VA013 XFMR 40VA, 208/240/277/480-120VAC, INFO44.1635.33
TR40VA015 TRANSFORMER, 120/208/240:24VAC, 40VA In Stock30.0124.00
TR40VA022 XFMR 40VA, 120-24V INFO22.4917.99
TR40VA040 TRANSFORMER, 120/208/240:24VAC, 40VA, SEC TERMS In Stock30.0524.04
TR50VA001 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 50 VA In Stock31.0724.86
TR50VA002 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 50 VA In Stock32.6226.10
TR50VA003 TRANSFORMER 208/240:24VAC 50VA In Stock31.8025.44
TR50VA004 XFMR 480/277/240/120:24VAC 50V In Stock49.5339.62
TR50VA005 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 50 VA In Stock39.5731.65
TR50VA006 TRANSFORMER 277:24 VAC 50VA In Stock42.2533.80
TR50VA007 TRANSFORMER 277:24 VAC 50 VA INFO43.6234.90
TR50VA009 TRANSFORMER 120/208/240:24VAC, 50VA, CLASS 2 In Stock46.7737.41
TR50VA014 TRANSFORMER, 277:24VAC, 50VA, CLASS 2 INFO42.3633.89
TR50VA015 XFMR, 120/208/240/277/480:24VAC, 50VA, CLASS 2 In Stock50.2340.18
TR50VA016 TRANSFORMER, 120/208/240:24VAC, 50VA, CLASS 2 In Stock47.0137.61
TR50VA017 TRANSFORMER, 208/277/480:24VAC, 50VA, CLASS 2 In Stock48.5238.82
TR50VA018 XFMR 50VA,480/277/240/208-120V INFO43.7434.99
TR50VA019 XFRMR 50VA,277/120V-24,PLAST ENDBELLS INFO27.1321.70
TR75VA001 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 75 VA In Stock54.3443.47
TR75VA002 TRANSFORMER 120:24 VAC 75 VA In Stock58.4246.74
TR75VA003 TRANSFORMER, 277:24VAC, 75VA, CLASS 2 In Stock59.9847.98
TR75VA004 XFMR 120/208/240/480:24VAC 75V In Stock62.7250.18
TR75VA005 TRANSFORMER 120/208/240/480:24VAC, 75VA, CLASS 2 In Stock60.1948.15
TR75VA007 XFMR 75VA, 120/208/240/480-24V INFO54.8743.90


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  • Complete line of control transformers from 20 VA to 375 VA
  • Foot and hub mounting on most models
  • All models UL listed, many are Class 2 rated
  • Ambient temp -30° to 140℉ (0° to 60℃)
  • Color-coded wire leads
  • One year warranty

Secondary Voltage:24 VAC

Approvals:Class 2 UL1585 listed US/Canada, E197146