Are You a Victim of Contractor Compounding?

In the financial world, compounding is a good thing, but in the contracting world, it can be your enemy. See if this sad tale we constantly hear from our customers sounds familiar. Work is up, and you have a lot of parts to order. After tons of … [Continue reading]

Specifying and Using Current Transformers for Power Measurements

Current transformers (CT) are simple and reliable devices which make it possible to make accurate measurements of alternating current flowing in a conductor without making any electrical contact. This characteristic makes the current transformer, or … [Continue reading]

A 4-20 mA Signal Goes The Distance

A 4-20 mA control signal is one of the signals of choice in the Building Automation industry as well as in the Industrial Process arena. Most of the various transmitters and output devices available from Kele utilize a 4-20 mA input or output signal. … [Continue reading]

UFT Helpful Application Notes

Kele designed the Universal Flow Transmitter (UFT) for use with Badger/Data Industrial flow sensors, but in reality the UFT can be used with many other makes and models of flow sensors if their signal outputs are compatible with the UFT signal … [Continue reading]

Divide & Conquer Those Hard-to-Read Flow Meter Pulses


Some HVAC applications require reading and totalizing pulses from flow meters.  This sounds simple enough, just take the pulse output from the flow meter, connect it to a Binary Input (BI) on your controller, and set up the program logic to count … [Continue reading]

Controls and Cables in Environmental Air Handling Spaces, Ducts, and Chases


First, let’s discuss controls and their enclosures in air handling spaces, ducts, and plenums. Many times, we have to install items in these spaces and it’s important to consider that anything we put in there should either be non-combustible (metal) … [Continue reading]