Time Delay Relay Functions Explained

Understanding the differences between various time delay relay operations such as On-Delay or Interval can be a bit confusing.   These simple diagrams may make it easier to visualize what’s happening during the timer operation(s).












At Kele, our goal is to make product selection and usage as easy as possible.  Hopefully these simple diagrams make On-Delay, Off-Delay, Interval and One-shot time delay relay functions easy to understand.

Coming Soon—New Kele.com & 2014-15 Kele Catalog

At Kele—we’re committed to providing you the best products, services and solutions in the building automation and HVAC/R industries. And we’re starting 2014 off with two new solutions that will help you get the job done right! In the first quarter we will be launching a new Kele.com and will be releasing our 2014-15 Kele catalog.

New Kele.com:
Fresh, sleek and easy-to-use are just some of the things people are saying to describe the new Kele.com. But we didn’t just update the look and feel of the site—once the site launches you’ll also find:
• New product landing pages and search functions to help you find the products you’re looking for faster,
• New product recommendations based on what you’re shopping for,
• A new video library to help stay ahead of the game,
• An enhanced cart and checkout process,
• And new line card and link shortcuts for quicker site navigation.

And don’t forget—online orders of $750 or more qualify for FREE SHIPPING!* So be on the lookout for the new Kele.com—you’ll be glad you did!

New 2014-15 Kele Catalog:
We may be biased, but the new 2014-15 Kele catalog is our best yet. When it comes to catalogs, Kele sets the industry standard. With this new catalog you’ll get:
• Information on 965 product families including 206 new product families,
• Easy-to-find wiring diagrams, dimensions and everything you need to spec a product,
• Valuable information on Kele’s services: in-house custom panel fabrication, custom valve and actuator assembly, custom calibrations, kitting and tagging,
• As well as valuable information on how Kele is your one-stop source for all of your building automation and HVAC/R needs.

The catalog should be ready to ship sometime in March 2014. Click here to request your new 2014-15 catalog today.


*Eligible in the 48 contiguous U.S. state only. Qualified customers only.

Kele Celebrates 30 Years!

Kele 30 Years

Dear Valued Customer,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business. This year we celebrate 30 years servicing the needs of the building automation products industry and we take great pride in our achievements by offering a wide selection of products from almost 300 manufacturers.

30 years ago Kele’s founders Roger Johnson and Ronnie Randall identified several problems with purchasing products in the HVAC/Building Automation Industry.  They were BAS/Mechanical contractors at the time and were frustrated because they had to go to so many different suppliers to get the parts they needed.  In addition, getting technical advice on a timely basis was challenging at best and the timely delivery of those products was time-consuming and inconsistent. With the need to simplify product sourcing, offer outstanding customer service and provide quality technical support, Kele was born.

The concept was simple and continues to this day, distribute high quality products from our large in-stock inventory, ship that day if needed and provide expert technical support all under one roof.  From our location near Memphis, TN, home of FedEx and one of UPS’s largest shipping hubs in the country allows Kele to provide fast reliable delivery throughout the United States and to over 60 countries around the world.

In 2013, Kele continues refining the past 30 years of experience to continually improve on that concept.  Our technical support team has over 350 years of industry experience. Our dedicated sales teams provide valuable support to all of Kele’s customers. Our product and information packed website Kele.com is open 24/7, 365. Our massive $10 million inventory is comprised of the best selection of top quality products. Kele continues to be your one stop shop for products, solutions, custom panels, simplifying everything from your order to quick delivery and unmatched technical support.

We want to thank you for helping us reach this milestone because we could not have done it without you!  We appreciate your business and loyalty to Kele and look forward to serving you for the next 30 years and beyond.


Tim Vargo
CEO, Kele, Inc.

Making Your Job Easier (and Mine too)

My first exposure to power monitoring was the WT series. I started out in the warehouse shipping them. Then I progressed to stripping the wires used for the CT shorting assembly. After that I assembled them, put them in enclosures, and added the shorting switches when they were ordered. From the warehouse I moved to the sales department where I got to enter orders for WTs. Finally, I moved to tech support where I got to recommend, sell, and troubleshoot WTs. I am not ashamed to say that it was one of the most difficult challenges. Power monitoring, the WT in particular, made me cringe. High voltage/high current electricity is dangerous. While the WT was a fine product; it was very hard to troubleshoot – especially over the phone.

Then Kele had a significant breakthrough: The PT-9000 Series PowerTrak Monitoring Interface. Even the name is cool. It had 9000 in the series name long before Internet memes taught us that 9000 = cool. The PT-9000 went way beyond the WT. It was like adding indoor plumbing. The PT-9000 has 2 configurable 4-20 mA outputs and a pulse output for kWh. It also has lights, wonderful lights that tell the full story of how the unit wired – a gift to the telephone trouble shooter. To top it off it has an auto configure feature that corrected CT/phase wiring errors. Not long after the launch came the communication abilities (BACnet, LON, N2, Modbus) that made the user capable of capturing parameters never dreamed of by the WT.

And now we have the endicator™ Intelligent Power Monitor with its 58 monitored parameters, easy to use interface, installer focused design, standard NEMA 4X enclosure, I could go on for quite a while with this. I’ve only played with the beta but I’m pretty sure it can change Coke to Pepsi and find your car keys. It’s that cool. All kidding aside the endicator™ launch is very exciting for me. It truly is the evolution of power monitoring.

The WT series is still alive and working in many installations around the world and we still get the occasional tech call about them and they still scare me a little, but that doesn’t stop me from helping when I get those calls. Truth be told the WT did make me a better tech support person, kind of like the fat football coach that always made you run, called you horrible names, and yelled at you all the time. Sure you hated him, but he made you better.

Much Anticipated WebStat Controller and Thermostats Now Available

We’re always adding new products to our lineup here at Kele. As the leading supplier of building automation products, we have partnership with more than 300 great manufacturers worldwide.  And, our newest catalog has added over 130 product groups and is more than 12000 pages. If you don’t have a copy, you can request a copy online.

Few new products, however, are generating as much excitement as the Honeywell WebStat Controller and T7350H Thermostats and Sensors we’ve just added to our inventory.

In my opinion, this is a game changer for HVAC and Building Automation companies looking to source this popular web-enabled controller that allows the system manager to monitor and control up to 20 thermostats and sensors using the internet.

Our customers have been asking for a solution like this for years. We’re delighted that Kele can sell these products and ship anywhere in the U.S. Now our customers can buy the WebStat and compatible thermostats and sensors from us, and get Kele’s same-day shipping and legendary technical support.

We sold one of these controllers the first day it was available and we hadn’t even launched it yet. Some of my colleagues have asked me why the customer demand for WebStat and its communicating thermostats and sensors is so great.

I tell them WebStat provides a way for our customers to step up from standalone thermostat control to web-enabled monitoring and control of multiple thermostats without incurring any excessive cost or complexity. Wireless device options and automation features, such as alarming, trending, scheduling and network accessibility, combine to deliver significant operational savings through remote monitoring, alarming, floor plan visuals and user privileges.

User friendliness is also a big plus for WebStat installers and users. It makes remote control simple and convenient by allowing Internet accessibility and flexibility for assigning user privileges. A single WebStat system can support up to 20 T7350H thermostats and sensors, so it offers ideal control for a wide range of building types and styles.

Because WebStat lets you track everything from temperature and humidity, to discharge air temperature and outdoor air temperature, users can remotely troubleshoot and monitor their entire system. They can preset alarms to notify designated people in the event of an unwanted change, helping to catch problems early and reduce downtime.

While many thermostats limit programming to a 7-day schedule, this system offers 365-day programming allowing users to easily maximize energy savings. Programming can mirror the building’s occupancy schedule without requiring special changes for holidays and events. The user can create up to 10 unique schedules to meet a variety of scheduling needs.

Many customers see the extra value in purchasing Honeywell WebStat and T7350H Thermostats and Sensors through Kele because they know Kele will have it in stock, ship it the same day and bundle it into a single invoice with any other purchases from the other more than 300 manufacturers’ available through Kele. Plus, Kele’s seasoned techs are always just a phone call away.