KVCD Kele Damper Sneek Peek


At Kele, we pride ourselves on a commitment to meeting and exceeding customer demands in all areas of our operations. We have continued to listen to our customers and are proud to announce the coming of the Kele KVCD Commercial Control Damper Line. In addition to our current damper offering, Kele has partnered with a worldwide industry leader to manufacture a competitively priced OEM damper with the same high quality construction and performance that can be expected of all of Kele’s private label products.  These dampers will be manufactured with a patented frame design that uses no welds at the corners to ensure an extremely sturdy frame that is less prone to corrosion over time. The KVCD line will feature high quality rectangular (KVCD) and single (KVCDR) and multi (KVCDRM) blade round dampers available to you with standard 10 day shipping.

Kele dampers will feature Variable Symmetric Blade (VSB) design to increase damper performance. VSB design utilizes blades that are symmetric about their axis, and any combination of 4, 5, 6, and 7 in. blade widths to improve overall performance in several areas. First, symmetrical blades have identical operating characteristics regardless of airflow direction. This allows for increased mounting flexibility especially when space constraints exist, as the dampers can be mounted in either direction of flow. VSB design is also crucial in increasing free area around the damper. Because of the combination of blade sizes, we are able to reduce height or eliminate blade stops to maximize free area and improve damper performance. Finally, the symmetrical blades balance the airflow around the blade, reducing the torque that an actuator needs to operate the damper.   The VSB design on the Kele KVCD Dampers goes a long way in increasing damper performance and efficiency in installation and operation.

The high-quality and unique design of the KVCD dampers ultimately results in energy savings for you. By incorporating VSB design with high quality construction, KVCD Commercial Control Dampers limit leakage and pressure drop to provide one of the best performing dampers in the market. For example, Kele compared the pressure drop date of a KVCD-33 12” x 12” damper to a competitor’s 12”x 12” damper. Both dampers were installed in an identical system that draws 2000 ft/min of airflow. The results speak for themselves as the competitor’s damper measured in at a 24% higher (0.34 in wg) pressure drop than the KVCD damper (0.08 in. wg)!

We are proud to offer this line to our customers as an alternative to our current damper offering. The high-quality KVCD Commercial Control Dampers have all been tested in accordance with AMCA Class 1 or 1A and are available in many different sizes that are customizable to your needs. Ordering options include blade orientation options (horizontal or vertical), blade configuration options (parallel or opposed), flange mounting options, and free tagging available on each damper. Be on the lookout for more information about the Kele KVCD Commercial Control Damper line as we get closer to launch at the 2015 AHR Expo in January. Please stop by our booth (#3444) to check out the new line in addition to all of the other new and exciting things going on at Kele!